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Scalar, vector and parallel processing

IBM® VS FORTRAN provides optimized scalar processing for high serial program performance. It offers vector processing on the IBM ES/3090® Vector Facility and expanded processing for enhanced vector performance on the ES/9000® Vector Facility. It supports automatic parallelism and explicit parallel language for applications on IBM multiprocessing hardware.

z/OS enhancements

IBM VS FORTRAN supports I/O data striping for faster execution of sequential I/O on z/OS®. z/OS users can specify the number of I/O buffers to be used on a unit-by-unit basis. There are 225 buffers allowed and maintained by the library I/O routines and buffer residency above the 16 MB area using IBM DFSMS 1.1 or greater. IBM VS FORTRAN also provides data-in-virtual support for z/OS.

Language support

VS FORTRAN complies with the FORTRAN 77 language standard. It provides expanded compatibility with the IBM RS/6000® XL FORTRAN language for improved cross-platform and host-workstation cooperation. IBM VS FORTRAN includes industry-standard extensions to FORTRAN to provide multi-vendor compatibility. It also supports extended-precision (64-bit) integers.

VS FORTRAN runs on MVS and z/VM. For MVS environments (MVS/ESA, OS/390, z/OS), the minimum software requirement is MVS/ESA Version 4 and MVS/ESA DFP Version 3 or higher. The current operating system is z/OS. For VM environments (VM/ESA, z/VM), the minimum software requirement is VM/ESA Version 1.0 or later. The current operating system is z/VM. For hardware, IBM VS Fortran runs on any hardware that supports the software. The current hardware is zSeries® server.

The basic VS FORTRAN Version 2 system and machine requirements, and virtual and DASD storage requirements are discussed.