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What can IBM Virtual Storage Center do for your business?

Enhance your storage efficiency, provide greater mobility, and deliver stronger control over storage performance and management. IBM Virtual Storage Center (VSC) provides integrated storage administration that can centrally manage a heterogeneous storage environment including IBM and non-IBM storage. VSC can automate a wide variety of storage management tasks, including virtualization, that help enable flexibility and agility for a private cloud environment.

IBM Virtual Storage Center enables easy migration to agile, hybrid cloud storage environments. Virtual Storage Center provides a single point of control that helps administrators manage every aspect of the storage infrastructure, from hosts, through the fabric, and down to individual drives for multi-site storage environments.


Save time and money

One comprehensive solution for storage management, monitoring, reporting, replication, and virtualization capabilities.

Alerts and problem resolution

IBM Spectrum Control provides diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint resources impacted by an availability or performance issue. Generates timely alerts to enable event action.

Extraordinary storage efficiency

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software combines a variety of IBM technologies including high-performance thin provisioning, automated tiering, and a next-generation graphical user interface (GUI).

Troubleshoot issues faster

Resolve issues faster through one dashboard for monitoring your storage systems, and a robust and simplified IBM support experience with IBM Storage Insights.

Backup and protect your data

IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot protects your data with fast application-aware backup and restore operations by using the snapshot technologies of advanced storage systems.

Advanced data replication

Configure, manage, and monitor data-copy functions, including IBM FlashCopy®, Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, and Metro Global Mirror.

How customers use IBM Virtual Storage Center

Man in hard hat working on computer in an energy/utility factory

Hall AG and Citynet

Keeping water, electricity, connectivity and innovation flowing even as data volumes explode

Place of worship

Archdiocese Salzburg

Connecting a community with vital services through always-on infrastructure

Kitchen appliances


Innovating to bring comfort, convenience, and style to homes across the globe with IBM and SAP

Key features of IBM Virtual Service Center

Manage your infrastructure efficiently for software-defined, virtual, physical, file, and object storage. IBM Spectrum Control provides monitoring and analytics for multiple-vendor storage systems, software-defined storage, storage-area network (SAN) fabrics, devices, and even cloud storage. Easily transition to new workloads and infrastructures using predictive analytics.

IBM Storage Insights for Spectrum Control

Visit IBM Storage Insights

Get an unparalleled level of visibility across your storage environment to help you manage complex storage infrastructures and make cost-saving decisions. IBM Storage Insights combines proven IBM data management leadership with proprietary analytics from IBM Research. As a cloud-based service, it enables you to deploy quickly and save storage administration time while optimizing your storage. It also helps automate aspects of the support process to enable faster resolution of issues. IBM Virtual Storage Center customers get all the features and functions of Storage Inisghts Pro with IBM Storage Insights for IBM Spectrum Control.

IBM Copy Services Manager

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Copy Services Manager controls copy services in storage environments. Copy services are features that are used by storage systems such as IBM® DS8000® to configure, manage, and monitor data-copy functions. Copy services include IBM FlashCopy®, Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, and Metro Global Mirror.

IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot

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Protects data with integrated, application-aware snapshot backup and restore capabilities. You can protect data that is stored by IBM® DB2®, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SQL Server applications. You can create and manage volume-level snapshots for file systems and custom applications.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software for IBM SAN Volume Controller

Learn about SAN Volume Controller (PDF, 8.5 MB)

Reduce cost, simplify management, and add features for over 500 storage systems from IBM and others using the same software built into IBM FlashSystem family to make block storage more efficient, agile and cloud-ready.