Take a new approach to risk modeling

Provision, audit and report on user access and activity through lifecycle, compliance and analytics capabilities, using a more efficient approach to risk modeling.

Instead of managing separation-of-duties (SoD) violations with role-based identity governance policies, IBM Security™ Verify Governance uses business activities, such as creating a purchase order. Because these are more static than roles, they can be associated to specific tasks and, importantly, speak the language of auditors and compliance managers.

Why Verify Governance?

Increased end-user satisfaction

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Streamline full provisioning and self-service requests to quickly onboard, offboard or manage employees. Enhanced password synchronization supports single sign-on.

Improved regulatory compliance

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Eliminate manual efforts on IT audits with closed-loop compliance, data governance capabilities and GDPR-specific controls.

Reduced business risk

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Make appropriate access decisions and enable risk and compliance managers to quickly identify violations with SoD controls, including for SAP.

Insight into risky users

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Identity analytics provide visual insights into risky users and insider threats to help you detect behavior anomalies and suspend accounts in Verify Governance.

Reduced operational costs

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Automate labor-intensive processes and the identity lifecycle process to dramatically lower operational costs.

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