Optimize VMware Environments for Performance and Efficiency
Safely increase utilization across VMware environments without impacting performance
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It’s time to rethink your VMware strategy

You have a data center; most likely you are leveraging VMware to meet your hypervisor needs and you want to make the most of your investment by running as efficient as possible. At the same time, you want to ensure that your applications always perform optimally during peak demand. If costs are up, utilization is down, and overprovisioning is sideways, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

The IBM® Turbonomic® platform can help you safely increase utilization across shared resources without impacting performance. Turbonomic software automatically optimizes your applications’ resourcing levels while dynamically scaling with business needs in real time. With a modernization strategy you get a more efficient data center and better business outcomes.

How it works

Continuous compute Turbonomic employs a unique approach to continuous compute placement that ensures optimal resource utilization while maintaining performance. Turbonomic continually analyzes resource demand and can take direct actions to assure performance.

VM Rightsizing Turbonomic employs a dynamic approach to rightsizing resources, assuring optimal performance while minimizing cost. Turbonomic can size your virtual machines vCPU and vMemory to match observed demand and peaks and can automate rightsizing in real time to meet demand.
Proactive capacity management Turbonomic software uses an accurate view of the real-time environment to simulate changes you define, such as how much physical infrastructure is needed to support growth or migrate workloads. With continuous data center automation and optimization in place, you can run any simulation your team can dream up.

Cross cluster optimization Turbonomic enables you to create “super clusters,” or virtual pools that unlock the total cumulative resource amount by allowing workloads to move between clusters and vCenters. Unchain your “islands" of capacity, provide more elasticity, better performance, and improved datacenter economics.

Adopting containerization

When moving to containers, it becomes quickly apparent that as you start scaling to higher volumes you cannot scale without optimization. Turbonomic enables optimization of containers to provide best practices to scale faster and get better ROI out of Kubernetes.


With Turbonomic planning you can move applications built on Kubernetes quickly and confidently into production and use the tradeoffs of performance, allocation, and utilization to get the benefits of Kubernetes in less labor time and cost.

Turbonomic planning means you can optimize in non-production environments and simulate moves to production to determine how many pods will be needed (even in multi-tenant environments). This enables IT to increase adoption without wasting money and power on overcommit (using allocation models).


Turbonomic combines resource optimization, rightsizing, and automation to enable you to scale faster and get better ROI from Kubernetes. Here are some ways:

  • Cluster resource optimization - Turbonomic’s unique optimization of cluster resources (pod moves, rightsizing, cluster scaling and SLO scaling) enables you to reduce cost without sacrificing performance of both stateless and stateful apps.
  • Rightsizing - Turbonomic enables rightsizing that reduces the toil of developers so they can focus on building applications.
  • Automation - Turbonomic automates the optimization from service to node, saving time and cost. This makes optimizing to SLO easy and unlocks true elasticity that Kubernetes can deliver.
  • Integrations with VMware vCenter - VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized management platform for VMware hypervisors. When you manage your VMware environment with the IBM® Turbonomic® platform, our software manages resources to help ensure that your VMs automatically get the resources they need to perform.
It’s time you Turbo

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