HPE OneView integration
Enable automation at the hardware level, including automated provisioning of new hosts
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IBM Turbonomic HPE OneView integration illustration
How it works

HPE OneView is a management solution that streamlines provisioning and lifecycle management across compute, storage and fabric. Through a unified API, infrastructure can be configured, monitored, updated and repurposed. HPE OneView can be used to manage both virtual and physical environments and can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud. 

The IBM® Turbonomic® platform and HPE OneView work together to create a unified platform where users can manage and optimize the performance and utilization of their infrastructure resources. IBM Turbonomic software makes real-time automatable decisions on resource allocation that help ensure applications and workloads receive the resources they need to perform. This includes determining when to provision new hosts and much more.

Data discovered


  • Virtual machine (VM)

  • Physical machine

  • Fabric interconnect

  • DPod (if network flow is integrated)


  • For virtual machines: 

  • Virtual memory (vMem)

  • Virtual CPU (vCPU)

  • Virtual storage (vStorage)

  • Storage access operations per second (IOPS)

  • Latency

  • For host:

  • Memory

  • CPU

  • IO

  • Net

  • Swap

  • Balloon

  • CPU ready

  • For storage:

  • Storage amount

  • Storage provisioned 

  • Storage access operations per second (IOPS)

  • Latency

  • For I/O module:

  • Net throughput

  • For switch:

  • Net throughput

  • Port channel

  • For DPod: (if network flow is integrated)

  • Memory

  • CPU

  • Storage

  • Flow

Actions generated

  • For virtual machines:

  • Provision additional resources (vMem, vCPU)

  • Move VM

  • Move VM storage

  • Reconfigure storage

  • Reconfigure VM

  • Suspend VM

  • Provision VM

  • For physical machines:

  • Start physical machine

  • Provision physical machine

  • Suspend physical machine

  • For fabric interconnect:

  • Add port to port channel

  • Remove port from port channel

  • Add port

  • For DPod: (if network flow target is present)

  • Provision new DPod


More fabric integrations

HPE OneView integration is one of two fabric integrations available for the IBM Turbonomic platform. Connect to fabric tooling to enable automation at the hardware level, including automated provisioning of new hosts.

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Automate intelligently and even determine when to provision new hosts or add a new chassis.

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