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Migrating to a cloud platform can be a confusing, time-consuming and expensive process. The IBM® Turbonomic® platform provides easy-to-use cloud migration planning that allows you to optimize your cloud consumption from the start and simplify your cloud migration process. Whether your organization is pursuing a cloud-first, hybrid cloud or multicloud strategy, Turbonomic software can deliver convenient cloud migration planning tools that can accelerate your digital transformation and help you take full advantage of discounted pricing.

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Planning Migration plan optimization

Turbonomic software analyzes the real-time resource needs of application workloads, whether they’re cloud-based or running on-prem. The platform then delivers potential application migration plans that detail specific actions and indicate which cloud configurations will support your workloads if you take a “lift and shift” approach versus an approach that optimizes workloads as part of the migration. This migration assessment strategy can help with cost savings by avoiding expensive lift and shift migrations.

Actions Discount-aware actions

Turbonomic software examines billing and price adjustments negotiated with your cloud service provider and creates migration plans that account for discounted pricing. These cloud migration plans include moving workloads from on-demand to discounted pricing through additional purchases (reserved instances and committed use discounts).

Guidance Guided workflows

The Turbonomic platform provides a guided workflow to help you configure different scenarios for your organization’s specific cloud solution use case. You can select which workloads you want to migrate and where in your cloud environment you want to migrate them to, as well as your discount pricing and licensing preferences. With these inputs, Turbonomic software then creates a migration plan in minutes. 

When we implemented the Google Cloud integration following the first general availability (GA) release, Turbonomic discovered everything correctly and gave us the correct recommendations right away. We executed on some of the recommendations, and it worked really well. Robert Auten Senior Expert Software Engineer Cloud Operations, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.
Benefits Optimized resource consumption

Optimize workloads pre-migration, then assess the most appropriate cloud configurations for migration.

Maximized discount pricing coverage

Analyze pricing and billing contracts to maximize your discount pricing coverage.

Quick configuration

Guided workflows allow you to configure migration plans in minutes.

Choosing your cloud migration strategy with Turbonomic

The Turbonomic platform differs from other cloud migration tools in that it enables organizations to better analyze the potential benefits and drawbacks of a “lift and shift migration” versus an optimized cloud adoption strategy. This detailed comparison can help you feel more confident in your cloud migration journey.

“Lift and shift” migrations match current on-premises VM instance and storage tiers to the closest equivalent in the cloud. This method is typically faster, but can be more expensive and can risk performance. Optimized migration strategies examine VM and storage historical utilization metrics to select the best VM/instance type and storage tier in the selected cloud provider’s region. This method helps guarantee workload performance at the lowest cost. Turbonomic software provides detailed plans for both migration strategies that organizations can compare and analyze down to each individual optimization action.

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Related use cases Cloud cost optimization

Using the Turbonomic platform’s AI-powered automation and cloud cost optimization solutions, you can continuously help ensure app performance (both traditional and cloud-native) and optimize costs.

Data center modernization

Turbonomic software automatically optimizes your applications’ resourcing levels while dynamically scaling with business needs in real time. With a modernization strategy you get a more efficient data center and better business outcomes.

FinOps automation

The Turbonomic platform provides continuous optimization that you can safely automate. This makes it an ideal platform for cloud operations and engineering teams adopting FinOps to reduce spend, ensure performance and maximize business value.

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