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Capture and prioritize the information you need to effectively plan and execute lease management in your business strategy
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Optimize operations and mitigate risks through facilities lease management

Effective facilities lease management is vital for businesses to optimize operational efficiency and financial performance. A well-organized system enables informed real estate decisions, aligning space utilization with strategic goals. Centralizing lease data and tracking key dates aids in managing expirations, renewals and negotiations., reducing lease disputes and oversights while enhancing financial stability.

Facilities lease management also helps with compliance and risk mitigation. Adhering to lease terms, local laws and accounting standards prevents legal issues and fines. A robust system offers transparency and accountability, enabling compliance and responsible governance. Systematic tracking of lease obligations helps identify and mitigate risks, securing the real estate portfolio. Thus, facilities lease management is a strategic tool for optimizing resources, managing risks and making informed long-term decisions.

Optimize lease management with IBM TRIRIGA

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Benefits Make the most out of your available space How to optimize your facilities Streamline lease accounting and property management

Implementing reliable processes and automation will enable your company to optimize each stage of the lease lifecycle.

Reduce risks in property lease management

Lightening the administrative load and streamlining your processes promotes your compliance with the ability to scale lease operations.

Maintain compliant with accounting standards

Adhering to accounting standards like ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87 and GASB 96 helps your lease administration processes meet regulatory requirements.

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