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IBM® Supply Chain Intelligence Suite is an AI-based optimization and automation solution designed for organizations struggling to solve supply chain disruptions through traditional transformation. The products in the suite help facilitate a digital supply chain transformation, improving supply network resiliency and sustainability, increase agility and accelerate time-to-value through actionable insights, smarter workflows and intelligent automation.

Screenshot of and IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite dashboard

IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite Demo (08:26)


Use cases

Supply chain uses cases

Visit our supply chain wiki to explore uses cases and code samples.

Using AI to build resiliency

Learn how to tackle your most complex supply chain process challenges with machine learning and a next-gen solution.

Follow the leaders

Learn how industry leaders are addressing supply chain performance vulnerabilities to build a more resilient supply chain management system.


Real-time, multi-enterprise visibility

Identify and resolve critical supply chain issues faster with end-to-end visibility, advanced analytics, and actionable workflows.

Actionable insights, predictions, and recommendations

Make more informed decisions with more accessible real-time data. Act from the same dashboard, based on predictions and recommendations provided.

Cross-functional workflow orchestration

Leverage the power of new technologies including open platforms, AI, IoT and automation to help customize workflows to predict, plan for and respond to complex supply chain challenges.

Product-specific traceability

Trace and communicate product history more effectively. Monitor and alert on inventory age in real-time to maintain inventory freshness.

Blockchain-backed immutability and trust

Benefit from a blockchain platform that enables companies to build their own data-sharing ecosystem with trusted supply chain partners.

Solution extensibility

Easily extend and personalize the solution to gain new insights and automate actions with custom data processing rules, dashboards and work queues for a competitive advantage.

Case studies

Farmer Connect

This blockchain platform connects farmers and consumers to build shared value and transform the industry.

IBM Supply Chain

Using AI to design a control tower solution that extends and connects existing inventory solutions and ERP systems.

Products in the suite

IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply

Build your own blockchain ecosystem to share data with your supply chain partners.

IBM Supply Chain Control Tower

Orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain business processes with AI-powered visibility and actionable workflows.

IBM Food Trust™

A collaborative network enhancing visibility, accountability and better decisions across the food supply chain.