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Can you assure consistent wifi network performance?

In today’s mobile-first business environments, your users depend on high-quality wifi services to access your corporate networks. From your employees to your customers and partners, all users expect wifi connectivity that’s accessible, reliable, and always delivers high performance. Anything less is unacceptable.

To assure consistent, high-quality wifi services, you need a network monitoring platform that can gather performance data across your modernized wifi infrastructure and the rest of your enterprise network—with speed and scale. That’s precisely what IBM SevOne delivers.

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Capabilities Proactive troubleshooting

Provides unique troubleshooting workflows for rapid, proactive identification and mitigation of performance-impacting events.

Comprehensive visibility

Supports wifi offerings from Cisco and Aruba along with coverage of wifi clients, wireless access points (APs) and wireless LAN controllers (WLCs).

Extensive coverage

Provides extensive coverage for Cisco and Aruba wireless access points and controllers, with extended visibility to the entire enterprise network.

Granular traffic view

Provides granular details of traffic flow through specific wifi interfaces to identify how traffic behaviors impact users and applications.

Detect rogue access points

Enables rapid detection of unapproved or rogue, non-IT-deployed access points and instant generation of reports with relevant details.

Isolate and view “breadcrumbs”

Follow the performance of end user wifi stations over time and troubleshoot up to a year’s worth of wifi device to wireless controller performance.

Modernize enterprise wifi monitoring

Analytics and insights IBM SevOne provides industry-leading data collection, analytics, and operational insights for the key components of enterprise wireless deployments including wifi elements, their KPIs and metrics of interest.

Interactive dashboards IBM SevOne delivers interactive reports to give IT, NetOps and engineering teams detailed visibility into their enterprise wifi and campus infrastructure deployments. Extensive flexibility makes it easy to leverage these reports or further customize them to meet their specific operational requirements.

Built-in vendor support Designed for the wifi offerings from Cisco and Aruba, IBM SevOne provides wifi monitoring and management capabilities that complement and extend upon the capabilities found in the built-in, vendor-provided, wifi management tools.

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