Unified SDN monitoring with speed and scale

Transitioning to software-defined networking (SDN) solutions such as Cisco ACI can be a great way to automate manual IT tasks, centralize management and enable greater network flexibility and scalability. However, to truly realize these benefits, you need a dynamic software-defined network monitoring solution that can seamlessly integrate with the varied segments of your network.

IBM® SevOne® Network Performance Management (NPM) complements and extends Cisco ACI’s built-in control layer with performance management insight into both the software overlay and Nexus switch-based underlay network. With multifabric views that add entirely new dimensions of performance monitoring functionality across the entire Cisco ACI deployment; SevOne NPM delivers complete and unified visibility into modern, hybrid networks.


Application-first view

Icon representing two squares in a network circle

Help NetOps and engineering teams understand their Cisco ACI-based network from a tenant and application-first perspective.

ACI and UCS monitoring

Icon representing an eye monitoring networks

Monitor the performance of both Cisco ACI and Cisco UCS (often deployed together) from one management system.

Capacity planning

Icon representing a network of circles

Analyze capacity usage and trends over time to help ensure uninterrupted application service delivery, maintained at the highest level.

Identify relationships

Icon representing one big circle with 3 branches linked to 3 smaller circles

Identify relationships between Cisco ACI tenant, application profiles, end point groups and more for a complete understanding of the network.

Calendar heatmaps

Different bubbles representing an infrastructure

Visualize infrastructure through calendar heatmaps to identify changes over time and spot discrepancies throughout an ACI infrastructure.

Tenant health

5 squares displayed as a cross of networks

Understand the health of the overall system and of individual tenant-based operations with real-time and historical views of health statistics.

Realize the full potential of your SDN

Multifabric monitoring

 Product screenshot displaying Cisco ACI fabric application health report, metrics and alerts

Multifabric monitoring

SevOne NPM delivers unique insights into both the virtual and physical components of a Cisco ACI-based infrastructure along with the relationships between them. These unique multifabric views make it faster and easier for teams to spot and fix network performance issues.

KPI monitoring

Product screenshot displaying Cisco ACI fabric health report

Automated KPI monitoring

SevOne NPM integrates directly with the ACI control layer and the underlying physical infrastructure for complete visibility into all the KPIs comprising a Cisco ACI-based deployment.

Deep, contextual views

Product screenshot displaying Cisco ACI switch device report via graphs, alert notifications

Deeper views, more context

SevOne NPM integrates Cisco ACI performance insights with those from the rest of the network—firewalls, servers, load balancers, campus routing and switching, SD-WAN, wifi, branch offices—for more context of their network environment.


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