Comprehensive SD-WAN performance visibility

As organizations opt for phased SD-WAN deployments, their IT teams struggle to gain a holistic view of their network and performance data across traditional WAN and SD-WAN segments. As a result, fixing network issues becomes slow and error-prone—leading to poor user experience. To maximize the benefits of your SD-WAN solution, you need a network performance monitoring solution that can ease your transition to SD-WAN and mitigate potential risks.

IBM® SevOne® Network Performance Management (NPM) is a robust SD-WAN monitoring tool that complements the management features in SD-WAN controllers to provide continuous visibility into the various segments of your network. With customizable dashboards and metrics, it provides a single source of truth to help assure network performance across multivendor, enterprise, CSP and MSP networks.


Smooth transition to SD-WAN

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Monitor traditional WAN and new SD-WAN segments from a single, unified dashboard. Additionally, start monitoring new SD-WAN infrastructures right after deployment.

Visualize SD-WAN tunnels

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Create visualizations to show traffic, alerts and availability with drilldowns to tunnel data and simplify access to KPIs for troubleshooting.

Monitor entire network

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Extend visibility to other critical network assets, such as enterprise campus and branch office wifi, software-defined data centers and public clouds.

Integrate operations

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Modify dashboards to create and share operational and business views to combine them as workflows across teams.

Monitor SD-WAN networks

Mitigate risks

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Mitigate risks

Help mitigate the risk of transitioning to SD-WANs by visualizing the performance of your SD-WAN, existing MPLS WAN and the networks your WANs connect.

Validate policies

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Validate policies

Understand the impact of SD-WAN policies on application behavior and performance and share visualization dashboards to justify updates to your SD-WAN policies.

Powerful mapping

Product screenshot displaying network topology diagram, one main node branching out into other nodes

Powerful mapping

Visualize SD-WAN topology with the specific devices, ports and interfaces that make up the service. NetOps teams can view specific sites and monitor interface port assignments to validate your SD-WAN topology while viewing KPI data in the same dashboard.

SD-WAN dashboards

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SD-WAN dashboards

With real-time, customizable dashboards, provide IT and NetOps teams full visibility into your entire WAN infrastructure during and after the transition and help reduce MTTR and TCO through tool consolidation.


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