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As modern infrastructures become more complex and difficult to scale or support, IT operations risk making poor business decisions if they don't have visibility into consistent, real-time and historical network performance data.

IBM® SevOne® Network Performance Management (NPM) is designed to easily share network performance data and insights across multiple teams and multiple tools. SevOne NPM helps your entire IT operations team stay on the same page with a consistent source of trusted network performance data enabled by flexible IT integration options, including:

  • visually integrating third party data sources
  • streaming collected metrics to data lakes
  • forwarding machine learning-based alerts to leading AIOps and ITSM platforms
  • enabling third party applications to access NPM data via open APIs


Log data integration

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Visualize third party log data from Splunk or ELK directly in your SevOne NPM user interface, and easily pivot from metric to log data.

Third party data integration

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Easily enable third party applications to access SevOne NPM data via open APIs to help drive consistent business decisions based on a single source of truth.

Stream metrics

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Support business decision-making with real-time, Apache Kafka or Apache Pulsar-based streams of network and infrastructure metrics.

Watson AIOps integration

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Integrate multivendor performance data with IBM Watson® AIOps to apply data-driven, explainable AI to your ITOps toolchain.

AIOps ecosystem integration

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Integrate multivendor performance data with AIOps ecosystem to share SevOne NPM alerts and performance across your chosen ITOps monitoring tools.

ITSM integration

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Enable IT integration with ITSM platforms like ServiceNow to close the loop between insights and action. Drive smoother, more unified operational workflows.

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