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Is it the application or the network?

In a world where slow is the new down, your network performance solution needs to answer the question, what apps are being used? And more importantly, how are they performing? 

NetFlow analysis is one of the most scalable and cost-effective ways to get a comprehensive look at what’s going on in your network. It helps monitor the makeup of the application traffic traversing your network and provides real-time insights to proactively address network issues. These insights are critical because they help assure continuous network performance for your business and applications.

However, for modern networks designed for digital transformation, analyzing network flow data can be a daunting aspect of network management. IBM® SevOne® Network Performance Management (NPM) is designed to provide you with a unified network performance monitoring system featuring the most advanced ways to analyze network performance metrics and NetFlow data—all at scale with speed and accuracy.

Benefits Full visibility

Gain deeper visibility into multivendor network traffic patterns, application, and infrastructure behaviors—without the cost of dedicated traffic probe solutions.

Reduced MTTR

Leverage pre-built workflows to pivot between performance metrics and flow reports for the same device or interface to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

Real-time insights

Convert network flow data on bandwidth, application traffic and infrastructure behaviors into insights for better capacity planning and operational efficiency.

Scalable NetFlow collection

Scale NetFlow data collection with broad support for industry standard flow formats (v5/v9/v10, IPFIX, sFlow, cFlow, jFlow, AppFlow) and flexible reporting on enterprise-specific fields using our patented cluster technology.

Detect anomalies

Spot spikes or short bursts of activity that cause disruption to reveal insights that other tools can miss. Create policies and thresholds to alert on application bandwidth hogs.

App-aware observability

Gain a comprehensive understanding of network performance from an application perspective. Enable visibility of the application and the supporting infrastructure to help identify issues and improve performance.

Manage network performance proactively

Query and report on apps Report on popular SaaS applications and drill down to understand infrastructure dependencies using flexible application grouping (i.e., collaboration tools) to quickly assess network capacity for budgeting purposes and more.

Flow to metric Start with the network flow data and view the supporting infrastructure with a single click. Drill down to see capacity issues, alerts, and anything else causing network impairment to rapidly triage and resolve incidents.

Integrated metric to flow With integrated metric and flow analysis, SevOne NPM allows network managers to gain insights into the performance and behaviors of your applications and infrastructure. This not only reduces the time to troubleshoot and resolve network issues but also makes it easier to spot rogue applications or software and congestion points.

App performance insights With flow traffic analysis from SevOne NPM, you gain real-time, intelligent insights to monitor, manage and optimize your network for continuous performance. These insights can be used to improve customer experience, optimize infrastructure for performance and cost, and reduce time taken to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve network issues—all in one platform.

Identify top talkers SevOne NPM provides a "top talkers" report to identify traffic causing spikes in utilization. With port-based identification, network managers can track and report on applications known to your environment. “Type of Service” (ToS) filters help identify non-approved applications that consume bandwidth and determine their conformance to Quality of Service (QoS) policies.

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