Storage SAN SAN48C-6 IBM Storage Networking SAN48C-7 Switch
Leverage high performance and low latency with the latest Gen 7 Fibre Channel technology using a 64-Gbps, 48-port SAN switch
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IBM Storage Networking SAN48C-7 SAN switch provides up to 48 Fibre Channel ports at 64 Gbps. It is part of IBM’s range of c-type storage area network switch hardware.  

The next-generation IBM SAN48C-7 64-Gbps 48-port Fibre Channel switch provides high-speed Fibre Channel connectivity for all-flash arrays and high-performance hosts. This switch offers state-of-the-art analytics and telemetry capabilities built into its next-generation Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chipset. This switch allows seamless transition to Fibre Channel Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe/FC) workloads whenever available, without any hardware upgrade in the SAN. It empowers small, midsize and large enterprises that are rapidly deploying cloud-scale applications using extremely dense virtualized servers, providing the benefits of greater bandwidth, scale and consolidation.

Benefits Optimize performance

Improve performance with centralized nonblocking arbitration that provides consistent 64-Gbps low-latency performance across all traffic conditions for every Fibre Channel port on the switch.

Attain high availability

Achieve near-continuous availability and reliability by providing redundancy on all major components, such as the power supply and cooling subsystems.

Enhance reliability

Make use of Forward Error Correction (FEC) between switch ports and HBA ports on all 64-Gbps Fibre Channel fixed switches to enhance reliability. 

Boost scalability

Increase fabric scalability to help enhance flexibility for a variety of SAN architectures.

Increase awareness

Gain visibility into all virtual machines that are accessing storage LUNs or namespaces in the fabric.

Features Secure-boot and anti-counterfeiting technology

Uses onboard hardware that protects the entire system from malicious attacks by securing access to critical components such as the bootloader, system image loader and Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface.

Fully integrated SAN analytics

Offers state-of-the-art data traffic analytics that calculates performance data on board the switch in real-time and streamed to any analytics visualization platform.

Dynamic Ingress Rate Limiting (DIRL)

Detects automatically any symptoms of congestion and dynamically applies rate limits to congested and slow-drain devices so that adverse effects do not spread to other devices.

Intelligent services

Provides services like Auto-zone, Smart Zoning, slow-drain detection and isolation, Virtual SAN (VSAN) and Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR) and fabric-wide Quality of Service (QoS) to enable migration from SAN islands to enterprise-wide storage networks.

Sophisticated diagnostics tools

Includes Inter-Switch Link (ISL) diagnostics, Host Bus Adapter (HBA) diagnostics, remote SFP-error collection (Small Form-factor Pluggable-error collection), Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN), Slow Drain Monitoring and an Online Health Management System for greater reliability, faster problem resolution and reduced service costs.

Buffer-to-Buffer State Change Notification (BBSCN)

Offers Buffer-to-Buffer State Change Notification (BBSCN) feature to help correct any error that is introduced in-flight at the receiver end.

Technical specifications


Specification details


48 port 64Gb Fibre Channel Switch


One year, IBM On-Site Limited, 24×7 same-day maintenance; IBM 1,3,5 year Expert Care (PDF) Service options available.

Fibre Channel ports

Fixed-switch form factor with 48 SFP+ ports base


  • Port speed: 8-, 16-, 32 and 64-Gbps autosensing with 64 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth per port
  • Aggregate bandwidth of 3-Tbps end-to-end full duplex
  • Buffer credits: Up to 24,000 for a group of 24 ports, with a default of 1000 buffer credits per port and a maximum of 16,000 buffer credits for a single port in the group
  • Port groups: 2 port groups of 24 ports each
  • Port channel: Up to 24 load-balanced physical links grouped in one port channel

Physical dimensions
(H x W x D) and weight

  • 1 Rack Unit (1RU) (1.72 x 17.299 x 18 in. [4.37 x 43.94 x 45.72 cm]) excluding Power Supply Unit (PSU) and fan-tray handles
  • 21.8 lb. (9.9 kg)

Optional features

1,3,5 year Advantage (NDFC+Enterprise) and Premier (NDFC+Enterprise+SAN Analytics) Subscription Licenses (FC AJWM, AJWN, AJWP, AJWQ, AJWR, AJWS)

Recycling parts

IBM does not recommend the removal of its product batteries due to safety reasons. Please follow the IBM Product Collection and Recycling Take Back Programs.

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Deploy cloud-scale applications rapidly using virtualized servers and leverage high- speed Fibre Channel connectivity from the server rack to the SAN core.

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