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Deploy high-performance SAN extension solutions, affordable multiprotocol connectivity, and smart fabric services for open systems and mainframes
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IBM Storage Networking SAN16C-R is a Fibre Channel switch with up to 12 ports at 32 Gbps. It is part of IBM’s range of storage area network switches hardware.

IBM Storage Networking SAN16C-R is the next generation of highly flexible, one of the industry-leading IBM Storage Networking c-type switches. With a compact form factor and advanced capabilities, this switch is an ideal solution for departmental and remote branch-office SANs and large-scale SANs in conjunction with IBM Storage Networking c-type directors.

SAN16C-R offers up to twelve 32 Gbps Fibre Channel ports, four 1/10, two 25, and one 40 GbE IP storage services ports in a fixed 1RU form factor. The switch also connects to existing native Fibre Channel networks, protecting current investments in storage networks. The SAN Extension over IP application package license is standard on the two fixed 1/10 GbE IP storage services ports, enabling features such as Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) and compression on the switch without the need for additional licenses. 

Benefits Enable SAN consolidation

Enable more efficient Storage Area Network (SAN) space utilization by leveraging the unique multiservice and multiprotocol functions in a compact 1RU form factor.

Deliver high-performance FCIP

Enable fast disaster recovery and cost-effective, high-performing Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) connectivity for open systems and mainframe environments.

Support virtual storage area networks

Leverage support for virtual storage area networks (VSANs), which are ideal for efficient, secure SAN consolidation.

Features VSANs Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR) FCIP for remote SAN extension Mainframe support Advanced traffic management Ease of management Comprehensive solution for robust network security Advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting tools Advanced software packages

Model - 8977-R16

Hot-swappable components

Hot-swappable, redundant power supplies


One-year, customer-replaceable unit (CRU), IBM On-Site Limited, 9x5 Next Business Day; 24×7 same-day maintenance service options are available


Width: 439.4 mm (17.3 in.)
Depth: 510.7 mm (20.11 in.)
Height: 43.6 mm (1.72 in.)


9.8 kg (21.61 lb) (including two PSUs and four fans), but excluding optical modules


Back to front (toward ports) using port-side exhaust fans
– Front to back (into ports) using port-side intake fans


Up to twelve 32 Gbps ports
Up to four ports of 1/10 Gb Ethernet (GbE), or two ports of 25 GbE, or one port of 40 GbE for for FCIP and iSCSI storage services

Link speeds

8/16/32 Gbps autosensing
1/10/25/40 GbE

Optional features

Enterprise Package (#AJJ4), DCNM SAN Advanced Edition (#AJJ7), R16 Upgrade license (#AJMT)

Recycling parts

For safety reasons, IBM does not recommend the removal of its products’ batteries. Please utilize the IBM Takeback and Recycle Program

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