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What is Rhapsody Model Manager?

Rhapsody Model Manager is a robust enterprise solution that’s used to configuration manage and host Rhapsody models on the web. It provides a multi-user collaboration environment for the complete Systems and/or software development team.
Rhapsody Model Manager allows you to manage models and code on the same configuration management server. It also offers the ability to create links between model artifacts and:

  • Requirements in Requirement Management Next Generation or DOORS
  • Work items in Engineering Workflow Manager
  • Tests in Test Management


Central design storage

Store and access centrally-located designs and use current content with linked lifecycle data. Search, view and analyze designs on the server or a web client to perform impact analysis and much more.

Stakeholder collaboration

All teams can access and review designs, and perform trace analysis using web browsers. Team members see how tasks relate to designs with traceable links to work items, requirements and test cases.

Design reviews

Use with work items from Engineering Workflow Manager to handle reviews, letting you specify the design and review team. Combine comment-worthy reviews of work items with model elements and diagrams.

Multi-discipline document generation and reporting

Generate documents with templates, access design data through open interfaces, and create templates. Use Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) links to understand impacts of design changes.


Manage compliance

The ability to create bi-directional links between all artifacts, such as requirements, models and tests allows users to demonstrate compliance to standards such as DO-178B/C and Automotive SPICE.

Combined server for managing models and code

Enabling development teams to simplify the setup, administration and version management of their development artifacts.

Accelerate development through collaboration

Enabling multiple users to access and work on the same model, supporting standard agile configuration management practices.

View models on the web

Enabling Rhapsody Models to be published to the web so that they can be viewed by reviewers or non-Rhapsody-users, without needing Rhapsody.

Web-based linking

Enabling non-Rhapsody-users to create bi-directional links between requirements, work items and tests — without needing Rhapsody.

Configurable reporting

Enabling customers to tailor reports to their needs, including reports that combine model information with related artifacts from any other ELM product with the ability to provide coverage statistics.


  • Helps manage projects that need to comply with regulatory compliance standards
  • Unifies the configuration management of models and code
  • Provides a means to view models on the web
  • Creates bi-directional links between model elements and the artifacts from other ELM tools, either on the web or in Rhapsody
  • Offers a collaborative multi-user environment for developing models and code
  • Delivers customizable reporting that covers not only models but artifacts from other ELM applications