What does IBM Rational Business Developer do?

IBM® Rational® Business Developer provides built-in service constructs and a facility for service generation, allowing business-oriented developers to create service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications without extensive training. It creates Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) services, automates generation of web services from EGL and deploys EGL to IBM CICS® servers, IBM IMS™ (Information Management System) and the IBM i platform. It allows developers to leverage existing development skills by working within the familiar Eclipse-based environment.


Oriented for DevOps

Use or create configurations of coding rules for EGL source code, and run the configurations to check the source code for consistency with the rules.

Uses EGL Cordova library and tools

Develop, test, debug and deploy hybrid mobile applications with the Cordova library and toolset.

Offers a rich user interface

Use the DojoUploader widget to upload files from client side to the server, and the maxHeight property for the DojoFilteringSelect widget to specify the max height of its dropdown view.

Provides an impact analysis API

Allow customers or third-party written plugins the ability to participate in the deferred work process.

Key Features of IBM Rational Business Developer

  • Simple service creation
  • Multiplatform deployment
  • Transforms EGL source
  • Extensible platform