What does IBM Rational Business Developer do?

IBM Rational Business Developer and its Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) services enable business-oriented programmers to leverage the benefits and technology of Java, JEE, browser platforms, cloud deployment, databases, IBM i, and zSystems without having to learn all the underlying technologies. Paired with powerful capabilities to support cross-platform development, Rational Business Developer is designed to hide the technical details of the deployment platform and associated middleware programming interfaces. This allows the developer to focus on the business problem rather than the underlying implementation technologies.


Oriented for DevOps

Use or create configurations of coding rules for EGL source code, and run the configurations to check the source code for consistency with the rules.

Ideal for business developers

Build modern applications and/or integrate with legacy systems using tooling that handles multiple technologies.

Offers a rich user interface

Modernized rich UI (Web 2.0 and mobile) with drag and drop for services and automated user interface generation.

Utilizes standard tools

Build applications using modern tools and frameworks: GIT for source control, Swagger and MQ integration for cloud deployment, Spring for REST services, and Cordova for hybrid mobile applications.

Key Features of IBM Rational Business Developer

  • Simple service creation
  • Multiplatform deployment
  • Transforms EGL source
  • Extensible platform