Continuous security validation
Target security gaps and blind spots through continuous validation of your security programs with IBM Security® Randori Attack Targeted
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IBM Security® Randori Attack Targeted, an add-on service to IBM Security® Randori Recon external attack surface management SaaS, provides continuous security validation with objective-driven, automated red teaming campaigns and after-action reporting.

What previously took attackers months to do now takes mere days. To be resilient, organizations must adopt a proactive and iterative approach to ensure the effectiveness of their security programs. This involves continuous assessment and validation of existing security controls, configurations and policies to protect digital assets, data and systems. Unlike traditional approaches that focus solely on implementing security measures and assuming they will work, continuous security validation emphasizes continuous testing, measurement and adjustment to enhance overall security posture.

Continuous automated red teaming (CART) with Randori Attack Targeted helps you build cyber resilience by proactively testing and validating your whole security program—people, processes and technologies—on an ongoing basis. With automation, it helps discover and prioritize authorized assets in real time and simulate real-world attacks for continuous validation of your cyber defenses against new threats. IBM establishes an ethical red team tailored to your adversary simulation needs and top cybersecurity experts from diverse backgrounds provide flexible and comprehensive security assessments.

What you can do
Authorize continuous assessments Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and proactively identify vulnerabilities by conducting continuous automated red teaming at scale. Authorize and scope assets to be included in real-world attack simulations and tailor automated runbooks to target your desired organizational objective.

Receive expert guidance on risk mitigation Enhance incident response through continuous and random testing of your security controls, configurations and policies. Use in-product remediation guidance and detailed after-action reports to improve your security exposure. View monthly reports from the Randori Hacker Operations Center to quickly understand your current security posture.
Seeing authentic attacks on our network gives me a powerful narrative to share with leadership. I can validate what’s working and build up my team. John Shaffer CIO Greenhill & Co. Read how Greenhill continually strengthens its defenses against cyberattacks
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