Predictable pricing that helps you avoid surprise data ingestion and storage fees

Plan with confidence

Avoid hidden SIEM costs and plan your budget with certainty.

Optimize your process

Skip having to justify and ask for unplanned budget approval.

Get what you need

Choose flexible pricing options tailored to your organization.

Your QRadar SIEM deployment options

QRadar SIEM is available as a SaaS offering. This QRadar SIEM deployment option comes with the advantage of the IBM team being on your side to run and care for the infrastructure. This enables you to focus on reviewing anomalous conditions and patching important vulnerabilities.  IBM professionals manage the IT infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about the implementation of patches or updates.

QRadar SIEM is available as both hardware and virtual appliances that can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud of your choice. These options are great for organizations who desire to have detailed control over their IT infrastructure.

Managed service
IBM Security X-Force® Threat Management Services combine the best tooling, skilled security analysts, and threat hunters to monitor endpoints, network, and applications for threats. These managed services help you respond to incidents so you to focus on your business.

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How does pricing work?

Your pricing options

The Usage model for our SIEM is based on Events per Second (EPS) and Flows per Minute (FPM). EPS is determined by the number of log events ingested per second, while FPM is determined by the network communications per minute. Licensing with this metric is available for hardware appliances, virtual appliances, and SaaS model environments.

The Enterprise model for our SIEM is based on the number of Managed Virtual Servers (MVS) used. MVS is determined based on the count of all physical, virtual, and cloud servers in the environment. Licensing with this metric enables you to ingest network behavior and unlimited log events.

What licensing models do you offer?

For an on-premise offering, we offer a choice of subscription or perpetual models.
For a SaaS deployment, we offer only a subscription model.

Pricing benefits

No hidden costs

– Eliminates hidden log and daily index volume limits
– Enables ingestion of network behavior and unlimited log events
– Avoids cost of moving data from on-premises and third-party cloud assets

Streamlined budget approvals

– Saves time in your budget justification process
– Strengthens your team’s internal credibility
– Helps you pre-plan for log retention compliance requirements

Flexible pricing options

– Offers pricing options based on entity count or workload size
– Has licenses available as SaaS, software or managed service
– Is endlessly scalable

Pricing reviews

QRadar SIEM pricing reviews