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Provides product information management and collaborative master data management capabilities with cloud deployment options
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Acquire, govern and syndicate data across channels

IBM Product Master (formerly IBM InfoSphere® Master Data Management Collaborative Edition) provides trusted product information management (PIM) and collaborative master data management (MDM) capabilities. It creates an accurate and up-to-date repository of product and service information that can be used throughout organizations to help achieve strategic business initiatives. IBM Product Master aggregates information from any upstream system, enforces business processes to ensure data accuracy and consistency, and synchronizes trusted information with downstream systems.

IBM Product Master helps organizations achieve better operational efficiency, manage compliance and drive data-based digital transformation.

Helps users better understand data

Improves ease of use with new persona-based and role-based interfaces to help users better understand their data, with a highly intuitive experience to deliver business value to users.

Data is made easier

Incorporates new persona-based and role-based interfaces, so users get a stronger grasp on their data. Based on a highly intuitive experience that delivers true business value to users.

Improves data stewardship and governance

Enhances data stewardship and governance by enabling consistent and fast delivery of trusted information across the enterprise.

Manages digital assets

Creates the ability to manage unstructured data — such as videos, images, product brochures, product data and more — from one centralized place.

Provides powerful workflows

Improves your key workflows with a powerful collaborative authoring task. Streamlines critical business processes, including new product information (NPI).

Boosts productivity with machine learning

Enhances end-user productivity by leveraging machine learning (ML) capabilities for data standardization and categorization.

Runs on IBM Cloud®

Provides supreme flexibility and lowers cost through a subscription-based pricing model.

Key features of IBM Product Master Flexible and adaptive data model

The first solution in the market with a truly flexible and adaptive data model that helps organizations react to changes efficiently — without any dependency on IT or system integrators (SI).

Easy integration with key enterprise applications

Run in heterogeneous IT environments, use scheduled and on-demand jobs, import/export template, XML, multiple protocols, and REST/web services for easy integration with other enterprise applications.

User interface-based rules engine for data quality

Provides a powerful user interface (UI)-based rules engine that makes it easy to create and maintain hundreds of thousands of data quality rules, without needing any coding or scripting knowledge.

Support for supplier collaboration

The built-in supplier portal allows for efficient collaboration with suppliers, thereby negating any need for the error-prone manual process of exchanging product information.

Enhanced data stewardship

Uses prepackaged validations, rules, calculations and automation to enforce data quality and business rules. Provides role-level and attribute-level security.

Proven performance and scalability

Delivers a high performance and scalable MDM solution with advanced collaborative capabilities that enable you to process and manage large volumes of enterprise data.

An omnichannel experience

Get out-of-the-box connectors to the most popular commerce solutions and marketplaces (such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, Adobe, and Google Merchant Center) to provide a truly omnichannel experience.

Persona-based dashboards

The various persona-based dashboards provide quick and meaningful insights into the product data on data completeness, data quality, vendor performance and more.

Expert resources to help you succeed Enabling information-driven insights

Empower every data user and LOB leader with 360-degree views of trusted data to drive business insights and intelligence.

Digital asset management

IBM Product Master (formerly IBM InfoSphere® Master Data Management Collaborative Edition) delivers digital asset management capabilities to manage rich media.

Overview of IBM Product Master

Learn about the improved core features, including the IBM Watson®-based natural language classifier.

Perform bulk Excel data import and export

Learn how to perform bulk data updates using Microsoft Excel with IBM Product Master.

IBM Product Master introduces IBM Watson NLC

Watson™ Natural Language Categorization (NLC) service automatically categorizes products based on their descriptions.

Product documentation

Find answers quickly in IBM product documentation.

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