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Product documentation and details Product documentation

Explore the product documentation for Open Data for Industries for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Open Data for Industry white paper

Take a deep dive into the power and flexibility of IBM Open Data for Industries.

The OSDU data platform

Read about the latest release of this business-critical industry data platform.

Webinars and podcasts Schlumberger data management webinar

Learn about the first hybrid cloud solution to bring OSDU Data Platform and digital solutions together.

IBM and Reuters energy webinar

Industry experts discuss OSDU as enabler for energy transition.

Additional resources OSDU hybrid cloud for energy

IBM, Red Hat and Schlumberger announce a collaboration to accelerate digital transformation across the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas data executive report

Learn how industry leaders are preparing for the future of data.

Modernizing geoscience with hybrid cloud

IBM, Red Hat and Intel team up to build a scalable, AI-driven hybrid cloud offering.

Enhance efficiencies in exploration and drilling

Visualize exploration and drilling data across hybrid cloud environments.

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Explore the power, flexibility and scalability of this hybrid cloud open source data platform. Or talk with an energy expert at no cost to see how IBM can help you transform your business.

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