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The first market-ready hybrid cloud platform to help the energy industry analyze OSDU data across the enterprise
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Expedite data handling

IBM Open Data for Industries is the first end-to-end open source platform built on the OSDU data foundation for the oil, gas and energy industry.

The IBM solution runs on Red Hat® OpenShift®, the leading hybrid cloud enterprise container platform, and is fully integrated with IBM Cloud Pak for Data. It can expedite data handling across nearly any IT infrastructure landscape — on premises, public cloud, multiclouds or at the edge.

AWS and IBM collaborate on a comprehensive OSDU Data Platform solution that runs on Red Hat® OpenShift® and in the AWS Cloud.

How it's used

Access data wherever it resides Now one solution lets you get project data whether it's on premises on the other side of the world or at the edge of your network. Hybrid cloud technology brings the data to you no matter where it's stored.

Regulatory compliance and operational flexibility   Regulatory compliance across the diverse energy operational landscape demands flexible solutions such as in-country cloud and behind-the-firewall security to meet data sovereignty and IT governance challenges and risk.

Analytics and AI Infuse AI and machine learning and extend IBM Cloud Pak for Data services using an open source platform to accelerate trusted enterprise data insights.   IBM Cloud Pak for Data services

Leverage OSDU data, drive AI and run more places with hybrid cloud

Whether your data is on premises, on private or public cloud, multiclouds or at the edge, Open Data for Industries helps you maximize insights using the OSDU data platform.

Unlock data with open source

The Red Hat OpenShift container platform for hybrid cloud data lets you run your solutions almost anywhere.

Modernize your infrastructure

Reduce replatforming costs using open source technologies to modernize apps and workloads to speed digital transformation.

Bring AI to your workflows

Unleash data-driven workflow insights and accelerate your journey to cloud.

A hybrid cloud open source platform to analyze all your data Enterprise apps, proprietary sources and OSDU Run almost anywhere

Run seamlessly across cloud, on premises or at the edge, and empower data science using the same IT infrastructure.

Break down data silos

Unlock data trapped in proprietary geoscience and engineering applications using open source to build holistic energy workflows.

Unleash AI-enabled workflows

Accelerate data access and apply advanced analytics and AI across organizational borders and technical domains.


Get data security and control

Benefit from full-stack container security and enterprise-grade service levels.


Meet data sovereignty

Bring your application to where the data resides, helping you meet compliance and in-country requirements.


Take it to the edge

Deploy applications closer to where sensor data resides to improve operational agility and get insights faster.


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This detailed operational demo shows you how IBM Open Data for Industries for IBM Cloud Pak for Data can help you modernize with hybrid cloud. See the intuitive interface that lets you explore and analyze OSDU data platform workflows from a central control plane.
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IBM Open Data for Industries offers flexible licensing options to suit your enterprise requirements. These capabilities are included.

  • Standard APIs to access the IBM implementation of the OSDU data platform
  • Red Hat OpenShift container platform
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data foundation that enables you to expand the platform to include additional data and AI services


Next steps

Explore the power, flexibility and scalability of this hybrid cloud open source data platform. Or talk with an energy expert at no cost to see how IBM can help you transform your business.

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