Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Db2 Performance Expert details

Application response time monitoring and analysis

Utilize the SQL-level monitoring capabilities of distributed applications to access Db2® for z/OS®. Response time details isolate performance problems to the application server, driver, network and data server per defined workload or cluster. Performance data views include top client contributors to workloads, top SQL statements per defined workload and workload comparisons by server/application. Meet customer satisfaction service-level agreements (SLAs) because of fewer response time delays.

A performance tool for Db2

Leverage batch-reporting capabilities combined with near real-time monitoring and historical tracking functions. Access detailed reports. Performance data and analysis tools are stored in a performance warehouse. You can define, schedule and run automated processes, convert and load reports, and save Db2 trace and report data for analysis. The tool provides information about Db2 buffer pool behavior and uses simulation to anticipate behavior, helping you optimize resources and data access.

A single engine for performance data collection

Perform data collection from a single engine that maintains familiar Db2 interfaces, including the enhanced 3270 interface. The same installation and configuration tool is used for all IBM Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE products. The solution integrates with the entire Tivoli OMEGAMON XE monitoring suite, as well as with IBM Optim™ Query Workload Tuner for z/OS and IBM Optim pureQuery™ Runtime for z/OS and supports an integrated systems management strategy as part of the Tivoli OMEGAMON XE family.

Enhanced 3270 user interface Version 5.4 functionality

The Enhanced 3270 user interface provides complete SQL text, key thread displays; OMEGAMON family history; seamless integration of monitoring data from related IBM performance monitoring and analysis; integration with IBM Management Console for IMS and Db2 for z/OS; key performance indicators about Db2 for z/OS subsystems known to the management console and support for IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS.

Simplified deployment process

Deploy and manage your OMEGAMON deployment faster through a reduction in required address spaces, configuration steps and parameters—coupled with automatic discovery of system properties during the deployment process.

Seamless integration as part of OMEGAMON monitoring family

Simplify monitoring and management with a single-view of the mainframe and subsystems.

Technical details

Software requirements

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Hardware requirements

Hardware requirements are outlined by version in the software requirements link.