Latency and uptime monitoring
Maximize resilience and uptime by steering DNS traffic around service outages
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IBM® NS1 Connect offers native and third-party options for monitoring the health of your applications, helping to ensure maximum uptime and resilience.

Most of today’s application workloads are delivered from multiple environments and locations. Tracking performance and availability across clouds, data centers and geographic regions is critical to delivering resilient, reliable applications.

IBM NS1 Connect offers multiple options to monitor the performance and health of your application connections, so you can steer traffic to the most reliable endpoint. You can use native monitor feeds provided by IBM, third-party data feeds or real user monitoring (RUM) feeds to support intelligent, dynamic traffic steering based on the current health and performance of your network resources.

Benefits Use native monitors or bring your own

Keep tabs on your infrastructure’s health with native NS1 Connect monitors, plug in with a third-party tool you’re already using or use RUM data.

Automate failover and load shedding

Keep your application online consistently by automatically steering traffic around outages and service deprecations with RUM data.

Know the status of your infrastructure

Instantly know when connections go down or underperform so you can make any needed changes.

What's included
Use multiple protocols to monitor application health

With IBM native monitors, you can track the health of applications by using DNS, HTTP/S, PING (ICMP) and TCP.

Customize your definition of “up”

Use IBM native monitors to see if external public resolvers are serving the correct record data back to your users within your predefined time frame and availability metrics.


Use the monitoring tools you already own to steer traffic around outages and service deprecations.

View all integrations AppDynamics

Use AppDynamics infrastructure monitoring data to steer application traffic away from potential infrastructure issues before they impact the user experience.

AWS Cloudwatch

Steer traffic around down or deprecated resources by using AWS CloudWatch data to monitor the status of AWS cloud resources. Collect and track metrics, create customized dashboards and set alerts.


Fine-tune traffic steering decisions at the country or subcountry level by using Catchpoint’s granular DNS performance data.


Push Datadog availability alerts into NS1 Connect for near real-time traffic management or use the Datadog agent to send NS1 Connect performance and usage metrics to Datadog for monitoring and observability.


Use Pingdom monitoring data to inform traffic steering decisions, automatically routing DNS queries around service outages and deprecated resources.


Detect service disruptions or user experience issues in ThousandEyes and automate failover actions in NS1 Connect to minimize downtime.

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