Dedicated DNS
Add a single tenant, redundant DNS layer for extra protection against downtime
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Illustration of 2 people connected to 2 large connected spheres representing main and secondary DNS servers

Dedicated DNS provides extra protection against outages with a dedicated resolution network for authoritative DNS that seamlessly syncs with your Managed DNS network.

Keeping your websites and applications online 100% of the time requires not only resilient network services, but also redundant layers to account for the unexpected. Implementing a traditional primary/secondary DNS architecture can introduce complexity and management challenges.

Dedicated DNS keeps you up and running with a native secondary DNS resolution infrastructure for seamless continuity of operations. This single tenant system is completely separate from your primary instance but managed from the same control plane. With this setup, you don’t have to constantly switch between systems or increase management overhead by having two DNS providers. Plus, Dedicated DNS comes with the same functionality as Managed DNS—all your traffic steering, load balancing and security capabilities are preconfigured and ready to go when you need them.

Benefits Add redundancy without complexity

Enable fully redundant managed DNS services without the complexity and limitations of a multi-provider configuration.

Gain seamless, automated failover between systems

Dedicated DNS synchronizes with your primary Managed DNS network, enabling automated failover to an up-to-date version.

Improve business continuity while maintaining performance

All the features you depend upon in your Managed DNS setup are included in your Dedicated DNS instance.

Features Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

NS1 Connect delivers DNSSEC signing across standard and Dedicated DNS instances without compromising the air gap between networks, which is often challenging to accomplish with multiple vendors.  

Designed for scale and performance

Design and implementation services from NS1 Connect ensure the service is scaled to meet organizational availability and performance requirements.

Improved network redundancy

A physically and logically separate network, Dedicated DNS will continue to answer DNS queries if your Managed DNS service is affected by network failures or congestion.

Single tenant

Dedicated DNS offers a global, anycast managed DNS service that is specific to your organization.  Ensure your DNS resources are available when the unexpected happens.

Automatically propagate to primary and secondary DNS

Changes to DNS records are made once and automatically propagated to all Managed and Dedicated DNS nodes.

Single pane glass of management

Dedicated DNS is delivered side-by-side with our Managed DNS, enabling you to maintain all your DNS zones, records and policies on NS1 Connect or through our API.

How to buy

NS1 Connect Dedicated DNS is offered as an add-on to the standard Managed DNS product.

Choose your PoPs

Deploy Dedicated DNS to Points of Presence (PoPs) in the key geographies that require extra resilience.

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Add more PoPs

Use Dedicated DNS in up to 12 of the 26 PoPs in the NS1 Connect network.

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Pay by query count

Dedicated DNS pricing is based on the volume of queries directed to your Dedicated DNS instances.

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