Energy and utilities asset management with IBM Maximo Application Suite
Improve asset management strategy with a full suite of operations and optimize performance with HSE applications for energy and utilities
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Create efficient, reliable, sustainable utility operations

Energy and Utilities (E&U) companies are facing mounting challenges in providing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to customers, including aging infrastructure, a retiring workforce, and intermittent and unpredictable output from new distributed energy resources.
The IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS) is a single, integrated AI- and IoT-driven solution that can help address these challenges. It offers industry best practices for intelligent asset management, predictive maintenance, monitoring, computer vision, safety, and mobility tools, providing a unified view and seamless workflows throughout your operations. MAS can help organizations reduce operational risk, increase asset availability, and minimize unplanned downtime and unnecessary routine maintenance. In this short demo, see how a reliability engineer uses prebuilt health scoring methodologies based on customizable dashboards, and easy work order submission to build a more reliable energy grid with IBM Maximo Health and Predict - Utilities.

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What you can do
Maximo Utilities Deliver safe, uninterrupted service IBM Maximo Utilities delivers a comprehensive work and asset management solution for gas and electrical transmission, distribution, power generation, water treatment, and wastewater treatment. This allows you to centrally manage assets, extend the life of your utility infrastructure, and reduce operating costs.

Health and Predict Optimize your assets with AI IBM Maximo Health and Predict – Utilities offers out-of-the-box asset performance management capabilities for utility companies, leveraging data and AI to enable smarter maintenance and replacement decisions based on historical and current asset health and predicted risks increasing asset availability. Read the solution brief

Visual Inspection Empower your subject matter experts IBM Maximo Visual Inspection uses AI, computer vision technology and data captured by drones, UAV, helicopters or other sources to identify, classify, and act on critical infrastructure at at lower cost and lower risk than in-person inspections. The AI engine inspects assets for anomalies and flags for next best action, such as repair, replacement, or in-person inspection. Learn more about IBM Maximo Visual Inspection
Maximo Mobile Manage any asset, any time, any place With the move to tablets, smart phones, and mobility, utilities workers can accomplish more in the field, leveraging workforce and asset data at an enterprise scale to troubleshoot and address malfunctions. Maximo Mobile is an easy-to-deploy platform that provides field technicians with asset operational data — including transmission, distribution, power generation, gas, water and wastewater treatment, vehicle fleet, and facilities.
Benefits Prioritize maintenance and replacement

Enable operations, maintenance and finance personnel to make smarter decisions about maintenance scheduling, asset replacement and new infrastructure investments.

Improve maintenance plans

Collect and analyze historical and real-time data to determine asset health, predict impending failure, and plan condition-based maintenance and schedules.

Elevate sustainability practices

Drive efficiency across the management of assets to improve the robustness of utility infrastructures while improving energy and water efficiency, waste management, and environment management.

Employ industry best practices

Jump-start operations with embedded data models, workflows and processes for gas and electrical transmission, distribution, power generation, water treatment and wastewater. 

Case studies VPI: Using maintenance management to get to net zero

VPI, one of the largest natural gas providers, pushes forward on the path to net zero with IBM Maximo software.

Bruce Power: Transforming energy with data and AI

Bruce Power improves reliability, efficiency and safety with the IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power enterprises asset management platform.

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