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Maximize your asset maintenance outcomes by harnessing the power of generative AI through insights-driven decision-making
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New feature announcement: AI-Driven Order Intelligence

Maximo Work Order Intelligence powered by watsonx™ can help you accelerate work order approval, prioritize resources and reduce maintenance errors.

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For asset optimization, resource allocation and work order management, an enterprise asset management (EAM) system is essential for effective decision-making in cost control and budgeting. Managing assets effectively prevents rising labor and maintenance costs and declining return on assets (ROA), while ensuring compliance with environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and health, environment and safety (HSE) protocols.

IBM® Maximo® Application Suite, a mix of market-leading asset lifecycle management (ALM) applications, helps to optimize physical assets from procurement to decommissioning and streamline asset investment planning. Using over 30 years of EAM technology, IBM Maximo offers best-practice industry solutions that help reduce safety risks and operations costs.  

The newly introduced Maximo Work Order Intelligence powered by IBM watsonx™ uses generative AI to speed up work approval, improve data quality, provide accurate failure code recommendations, and enable emissions tracking to support operations and corporate sustainability reporting.

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Benefits Enable timely response

Use generative AI to get failure code recommendations despite incomplete data. You can quickly assign the right technician with the right tools to address the issue. 

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Get the most out of a best-in-class EAM software 

Filter the noise with the help of configurable dashboards that contain critical asset information, while automating approvals and repetitive tasks.

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Use embedded industry expertise

Employ best-practice industry data models and workflows to accelerate your industry transformation.

Integrate emissions with work management 

Efficiently track and manage continuous and fugitive emissions while connecting the emission reduction efforts with maintenance activities.  

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Extend asset lifecycles with critical KPIs

Enhance your ROA with financial and performance analytics for a better asset lifecycle management.

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Adhere to HSE protocols

Address occupational health by pinpointing safety issues and meeting your compliance standards. Improve risk management and reduce costs associated with it.

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Maximo Manage

Maximo Manage, a fully integrated EAM platform, timely delivers essential IoT data to operations and asset management professionals, both on- or offline. It enables your teams to go beyond time-scheduled maintenance and helps you manage and maintain assets to enhance asset lifecycle, reduce unexpected downtime and boost team productivity.


  • Automate maintenance for reduced risk and improved productivity.
  • Access centralized data and processes to optimize activities and improve uptime.
  • Increase productivity by using role-based UX, dashboards and applications.
  • Enhance your workflows in a customizable way.
Read the Maximo Manage solution brief Maximo Scheduler

Plan, schedule, dispatch and track work efficiently. Learn more about Maximo Scheduler, which is included in the suite.

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Maximo Calibration

Calibrate instruments and measurement equipment.

Maximo Linear Asset Manager

Manage linear assets by using dynamic segmentation to locate maintenance activities, identify where characteristics change and plan monitoring and metering.

Additional EAM solutions

Explore the additional applications and add-ons available within Maximo.

Maximo Mobile

Enable field technicians to use smart mobile devices to access asset data in real- time, at the right place and time to get their work done. 

Maximo ERP Adapter

Create business flows between Maximo Manage and your Oracle business apps with Maximo Connector for Oracle. With Maximo Connector for SAP Applications, you can integrate the SAP system with the rest of the enterprise.

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager 

Manage the configuration of high-value, complex, and regulated asset lifecycles of each component. Learn more about Maximo Asset Configuration Manager.

Maximo Health Safety and Environment Manager

Integrate HSE processes with asset management to get near real-time insight on processes, worksites and employees. Use these to improve incident management, risk assessment and operational performance in compliance with regulations.

Maximo Spatial Asset Management

Visualize the spatial relationships among managed assets, geospatial data and other mapped features.

Maximo Connector for IBM® Envizi™ 

Consolidate enterprise ESG data to automatically synchronize asset location and meter readings to track energy use of electricity, natural gas and water and calculate its related scope 1 and 2 emissions.

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