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Upcoming webinars

Register for upcoming Instana webinars to watch live demos, get updates on new features and ask our product experts your Instana platform questions.

The Essential Role of Observability in the AWS Monitoring Cloud Journey

Redefine AWS performance monitoring for cloud-native applications, delivering speed, efficiency, and automation with IBM Instana.

Achieving operational efficiency through AI-infused Incident Remediation

Hear from Mike Mallo, to learn how IBM Instana, enhances application performance, and resolve issues, before they have a chance to impact customers.

On demand webinars

Watch our past webinars to learn how to get the most out of observability from mobile to mainframe.

Instana deep dive on metrics & custom dashboards: How Instana observes Instana

In this session, we’ll demonstrate Instana’s newest functionality for custom dashboards: tables, histograms, and more. Then, we’ll put it all together to show how we observe our data ingestion streams in Kafka.

Migrating to the cloud: Keeping your operations stable in an unstable world

Use abstract models to help navigate your re-architecting efforts in a continuously changing environment.

Migrating from monoliths to cloud-native microservices

Hear this cloud-native transformation success story. A need for reliability and agility led Tipico to migrate from a monolithic architecture to microservices in the cloud.

Observability isn’t just the new word for monitoring

Understand the monitoring technology landscape, examine the pros and cons of primary methods and explore how teams can leverage observability to become more efficient and innovative.

Monitoring at the speed of DevOps

Watch this webinar to understand why automated monitoring is required to achieve successful CI/CD, how the CI/CD process creates application monitoring challenges and why manual processes slow down the entire pipeline.

Mind blowing end user monitoring (EUM)

Learn how Instana’s EUM helps make every customer interaction well understood and continually improves the overall experience.

Delivering exceptional customer experience through unbounded analytics

Learn how and where technology leaders should be prioritizing their time and budget to help owners and end-users innovate faster with less resources.

The ultimate application monitoring guide for kubernetes

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the absolute necessities when it comes to monitoring these critical orchestrated applications.

Finding the needle in the containerized haystack

Understand how containers and microservices create chaos in your applications and why traditional monitoring tools struggle with containerized applications. Then watch a demo of Instana’s APM solution for managing containerized microservice applications.

Instant service level monitoring for site reliability engineering

Watch this webinar to learn about the new requirements for DevOps and SRE teams, and how instant SLA management can be achieved with Instana and Apica.

See how we make observability easy

Join us for a live demo session of the Instana Observability platform. During this session, you'll learn how IBM Instana can help make sense of your chaotic cloud-native environments and uncover anomalies in the performance of your applications before they can affect your customers.

Instana Add-on for Amazon EKS Blueprints

In this session, we will show you how to ensure success with your application migration by using Instana to plan for all contingencies, assess application health during migration, and ensure availability after migration.

Balance application performance and technology spend with AI powered capabilities

Hear from IBM experts about how you can leverage Instana, Turbonomic and Apptio to balance and maximize IT performance and business value.

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IBM Instana provides real-time observability that everyone—and anyone—can use. It delivers quick-time-to-value while ensuring your observability strategy can keep up with the dynamic complexity of today’s environments, and tomorrow’s. From mobile to mainframe, Instana supports over 250 technologies and growing.

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