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Operationalize automation for faster, more efficient incident resolution at a lower cost.

Modern applications are dynamic, widely distributed and rely on an interconnected mix of infrastructure and technologies across hybrid cloud and multicloud. Yet too many organizations operate with siloed teams, tooling and data—the exact opposite of “dynamic.”

Instana provides real-time observability with high-fidelity data for everyone and anyone.

IBM® Instana® Observability is the gold standard in incident prevention. You’ll find automated full-stack visibility, one-second granularity and three-second notification. Going beyond traditional APM solutions, IBM Instana extends observability to all teams, so anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps and development can get the data they want with the context they need.

Building Trust with Automation to Achieve Elasticity at Scale.
What is Turbonomic?

IBM Turbonomic® is a performance and cost optimization platform for public, private and hybrid clouds that provides full stack-visualizationintelligent automation and AI-powered insights. With Turbonomic, you can:

  • Continuously automate critical actions in real-time without human intervention

  • Proactively deliver the most efficient computation, storage and network resources across your stacks

  • Avoid over-provisioning resources to your cloud environment

  • Increase ROI and lower your cloud bill by using only what you need

Integrating Instana data within Turbonomic

Turbonomic supports discovery of applications that are managed by the Instana platform. Turbonomic includes the discovered information about these applications in its calculations for environment health and action recommendation.

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Managing Turbonomic performance-related actions with Instana

You can maximize the benefits of Turbonomic and Instana by setting up a two-way integration. To do this, you need to configure Turbonomic to fetch data from Instana (listed above); and then configure Instana by using the Turbonomic sensor to receive data (or actions) from Turbonomic. After you install the Instana agent, you must enable the Turbonomic sensor in the agent configuration file. Then, you can view performance-related actions from Turbonomic in the Instana UI.

The Turbonomic sensor polls Turbonomic APIs every 10 minutes to retrieve the executed and recommended actions. The sensor uses a unique key (SnapshotID) to link Instana entities with the corresponding Turbonomic actions.

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Correlate recommended actions from Turbo to an ongoing Instana incident: Turbonomic proposes recommen ded actions to boost performance on the entities that are monitored through Instana. Instana then retrieves these actions and correlate them against the ongoing incidents. This workflow allows the SREs to rapidly remediate the ongoing incident.

Analyze the impact of an action on the entity KPI: Once the recommended actions are executed in Turbonomic, these actions are surfaced along with the KPIs of the underlying entity. This provides direct visibility into how the actions impacted the performance of the entity.

Review action history: An audit log of the executed actions can be seen in Instana under the Automation > Action History tab. 

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