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Amazon DynamoDB Monitoring and Performance Management

Amazon DynamoDB (link resides outside ibm.com) is a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It’s a fully managed, multiregion, multimaster, durable database with built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching for internet-scale applications. DynamoDB Monitoring is an important part of Instana’s automated microservices application monitoring.

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Configuring Instana’s DynamoDB Monitoring

DynamoDB monitoring is part of Instana’s automated Application Performance Monitoring solution. When deployed into an infrastructure containing Amazon DynamoDB, the Instana agent automatically detects the presence of DynamoDB and configures itself to monitor Amazon DynamoDB along with its configuration data and performance metrics – with no human setup or configuration.

Configuration and Performance Monitoring of Amazon DynamoDB

After Instana automatically deploys its DynamoDB monitoring sensor, it will also map out all connections to and from Amazon DynamoDB. The Instana agent sends all data back to the Instana Dynamic Graph, the application model which stores and contextualizes all collected monitoring data. A sampling of typical configuration data collected:

  • Table Arn
  • Table Name
  • Table Status
  • Table Item Count
  • Table Created At
  • Table Size (bytes)
  • etc.

A few example metrics collected:

  • Consumed read capacity
  • Provisioned read capacity
  • Consumed write capacity
  • Provisioned write capacity
  • Throttled read requests (Get, Scan, Query, Batch Get)
  • Throttled write requests (Put, Update, Delete, Batch Write)
  • TTL Deleted Items
  • Conditional check failed
  • User errors
  • etc.

A complete list is available in the Instana Amazon DynamoDB Monitoring Documentation.

DynamoDB Monitoring – Built-in Health Alerts

Instana tracks Amazon DynamoDB Key Performance Indicators to infer a health state about DynamoDB within the context of the monitored environment. Instana’s Dynamic Graph contains the contextual information needed to determine the root cause of DynamoDB problems.

Instana comes with multiple predefined health rules based upon expert knowledge and best practices. Here a just a few of these built in health rules:

  • Ratio of consumed and provisioned reads is critical
  • Ratio of consumed and provisioned writes is critical

If there is an issue with Amazon DynamoDB health or performance, the Instana UI will flag the issue and change the health color of the instance. If service is impacted, a Service Incident will also be created and an alert will be sent. Performance issues are correlated with all developer changes to help determine root cause.

Installing Instana’s Amazon DynamoDB Monitoring

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