CockroachDB Monitoring
CockroachDB Monitoring and Performance Management

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database that was built from the ground up to deliver on the key cloud-native primitives of horizontal scale, no single points of failure, survivability, automatable operations, and no platform-specific encumbrances. CockroachDB Monitoring is an important part of Instana’s automated application monitoring solution.

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Setting Up Instana CockroachDB Monitoring

CockroachDB monitoring is part of Instana’s automated Application Performance Monitoring solution. When the Instana agent is deployed into an infrastructure where CockroachDB is running, it automatically detects CockroachDB instances, deploying and configuring itself to monitor CockroachDB along with its configuration data and performance metrics. This all happens without any human setup or configuration.

CockroachDB Performance and Configuration Monitoring

After automatically deploying its CockroachDB monitoring sensor, Instana immediately maps out the CockroachDB infrastructure. The Instana agent sends all data back to our Dynamic Graph model, which stores and contextualizes all collected monitoring data. Instana collects data both at the node and cluster levels. Instana starts with a complete set of CockroachDB configuration data:

  • Node Id
  • Cluster Id
  • Cache
  • Status
  • ALL OF IT, please.

Instana also collects a comprehensive set of performance metrics:

  • SQL Connection Count
  • SQL Reads
  • SQL Writes
  • Total Ranges
  • Under-replicated Ranges
  • Unavailable Ranges

A complete list is available in the Instana CockroachDB Monitoring Documentation.

Understanding CockroachDB Cluster Performance

Instana automatically collects the following CockroachDB Custer performance monitoring metrics:

  • Disk IOPS in progress
  • Disk read bytes
  • Disk write bytes
  • Disk read Ops
  • Disk write Ops
  • Network receive bytes
  • Network send bytes
  • ALL of the data, please.
Installing Instana’s CockroachDB Monitoring

Learn more about how to get started monitoring CockroachDB Server with Instana. You will need to login to your account or start an Instana trial.

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