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Single pane of glass monitoring is an IT and network management strategy used to consolidate multiple monitoring tools and data feeds into a single interface, giving IT teams a unified view of the health and performance of their applications, networks and systems. IBM® Instana® Observability enables you to do all of this, and more.

Instana provides a centralized view of your entire IT estate by easily integrating with your application and infrastructure environments and consolidating performance data from multiple tools into a single dashboard. This single pane of glass view allows your IT teams to easily correlate metrics, traces and logs in real time. With AI-powered analytics and automatic root cause analysis, Instana helps identify and resolve issues before they become critical problems, enabling optimal performance and availability of your entire IT ecosystem.

What you can do 
Get a centralized view of your entire IT environment Instana provides a unified view of all applications, microservices, servers, databases and infrastructures across hybrid and multicloud environments. This single source of truth enables IT teams to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues. With customizable dashboards, charts and reports, you gain a holistic view of the health and performance of your entire environment.

Gain real-time visibility with full-stack monitoring  Instana provides real-time monitoring and end-to-end tracing of all transactions across your entire infrastructure. This deep visibility helps IT teams identify the root cause of performance issues and accelerate problem resolution.

Optimize performance, availability and user experience Instana provides rich metrics and analytics, including code-level performance data and detailed transaction traces. Live maps visually represent how all applications, services and infrastructure components are interconnected. These insights empower IT teams to optimize application performance, increase availability and achieve better user experiences.

Eliminate manual efforts with automation

Instana automatically discovers and maps all infrastructure components, services and their dependencies. This ensures that new instances, containers and applications are automatically detected and mapped. AI-powered analytics can detect changes in the environment and update dependency maps accordingly. 

Break down silos to improve cross-functional collaboration

Instana provides a single pane of monitoring solution that allows anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform and ITOps teams to get the data they want, with the context they need. This collaborative approach enables teams to easily share insights, troubleshoot problems and resolve issues faster.

300+ supported technologies

Instana integrates with other monitoring tools, such as log management and network monitoring tools like IBM® Turbonomic®, to provide a comprehensive view of application performance across the entire IT infrastructure with no plug-ins or application restarts.

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IBM Instana Observability gives everyone across the enterprise user-friendly access to the data they want with the context they need to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation.

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