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Diagram showing Instana has observability resources for different applications
How Instana works

Watch this demo video to learn how Instana's fully automated real-time observability platform puts performance data in context to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation.

Get started with Instana Observability for developers

As software architecture paradigms evolve from monoliths to microservices, here’s how observability is helping developers take more responsibility for their programs, even after delivery.

Instana versus New Relic

You’ve relied on New Relic application monitoring but managing cloud-native applications requires a different approach.

The enterprise guide to observability

Explore this beginner's guide to understand what is observability and how you can get started on your enterprise observability journey in three simple steps.

Observability for cloud-native applications

See how Instana on AWS automatically discovers application components, systems and microservices across your infrastructure and delivers high-precision observability every second.

Instant service level monitoring

Watch this webinar to learn about the requirements for DevOps and SRE teams to maintain SLAs and how instant SLA management can be achieved with Instana and Apica.

Monitoring at the speed of DevOps

Learn how continuous development and continuous monitoring make a winning pair and why automated monitoring is becoming an imperative for successful CI/CD processes.

Observability vs. monitoring: What’s the difference? Delivering exceptional experience with unbounded analytics (48:12) The foundations of enterprise observability Finding the needle in a containerized haystack (50:51) Let’s rethink IT DevOps (3:20) Observability isn’t just the new word for monitoring (56:00)
See Instana in action Application observability with Instana

This demo walks you through the Instana user interface starting with the high-level infrastructure dashboard and drilling down into the more detailed host, platform, application and services views.

Cloud monitoring with Instana

Whether you're running on AWS EC2, Azure VMs or GCP Compute Engines, Instana provides a comprehensive view of your infrastructure, enabling you to proactively monitor and optimize performance for maximum efficiency.

Cloud migration simplified with Instana

Discover how Instana's AI-powered automated observability solution, designed to cover both AWS and hybrid-cloud environments, can help you make the move to the cloud with confidence, in three phases.

Single pane of glass monitoring with Instana

See how Instana provides a single source of truth for monitoring your entire multicloud environment and applications with its automated observability platforms powered by AI.

Digital experience monitoring with Instana

Watch this video to learn how you can improve your overall digital experience in just minutes with Instana’s mobile, web and end user monitoring.

Explore more resources Monitoring versus observability

Understand the difference and relationship between application performance monitoring and observability.

What is synthetic monitoring?

Learn everything you need to know about synthetic monitoring including what it is, how to use it, the challenges and more.

What is OpenTelemetry?

Learn what OpenTelemetry is and how it enables a better understanding of system behaviors with its standardized process of collecting telemetry data.

Application health in the microservices age

In the microservices age, slow metrics and trace aggregation can negatively impact Cloud DevOps and SRE initiatives, causing delays or disruptions that impact user experience. See how Instana can help.

How observability improves pre-production testing

Learn how AI-powered enterprise observability makes pre-production testing of microservices-based applications more effective while accelerating CI/CD pipelines. See how Instana can help.

Instana named G2 Leader

IBM Instana named the Leader in G2's Spring 2023 APM Grid Report for market presence and customer satisfaction.

Gaining observability in cloud-native applications Application performance management in a containerized world Monitoring serverless successfully: A comprehensive guide The critical role of observability in microservice environments APM for microservice applications on Kubernetes Boost observability to streamline application modernization Automated APM to accelerate CI/CD and boost application performance The six fundamental pillars of managing microservice applications
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