Address the needs of today's on-demand environment

IBM InfoSphere® Classic Federation Server for z/OS® provides integration of non-relational z/OS data with distributed tools and applications through SQL-driven access to z/OS data sources. The solution can be used to deliver operational data to customer self-service environments, connect e-commerce sites with current mainframe order processing data and integrate business intelligence systems with enterprise data. InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS is a companion product to InfoSphere Information Server, an innovative platform that helps extract more value from complex, heterogeneous information spread across various systems.


Rapid implementation

Metadata mapping enables the server’s operational components to efficiently navigate databases and files. Dynamic metadata discovery helps to accelerate implementation.

Reliable operational platform

Subcomponents read and write from legacy sources using native I/O commands to maximize the native performance of mainframe data sources. This helps minimize errors and ensure database integrity.

Handles large throughput

Designed for enterprise workloads, InfoSphere Classic Federation Server accesses mainframe data at transaction speed so that websites can service high volumes of transactional and user demands.

No mainframe programming

The solution requires no mainframe programming and no legacy database skills. Developers using their existing SQL development, reporting and portal tools are productive immediately.

Key features

Supports SQL statements and stored calls

Driven by metadata that contains a mapping of physical databases and files to logical relational tables, mainframe data appears to be one relational database and supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE SQL statements and stored procedure calls.

Dynamic data access and integration

InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS can access data stored in VSAM, IMS, CA-IDMS, CA-Datacom, Software AG Adabas, and IBM Db2® UDB for z/OS databases by dynamically translating JDBC and ODBC SQL statements into native read/write APIs. It also supports dynamic integration of z/OS sequential file data for ETL processing, with no need to unload or transfer files via FTP to the IBM DataStage® ETL platform.

Extends visual metadata management

Helps automate the creation of metadata for more users and extend visual metadata management to more complex scenarios, thereby improving the usability of the tool while enabling more rapid metadata creation and management.

Platform and performance optimization

Simplifies the management of the operational platform and performance optimization processes by providing an interactive view of the actual settings and a means for temporarily or permanently changing configuration settings.

Db2 data access

InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS includes Db2 data access performance, 64-bit client platforms, enhanced automation of support for redefined data, and improved flexibility in handling IMS PCB selection.

InfoSphere Classic Federation Server for z/OS release notes