IMS Batch Terminal Simulator for z/OS details

Comprehensive reports

Leverage comprehensive reports showing all activities during program execution, such as IMS DLI call trace, Db2® call trace, WebSphere® MQ call trace, LU6.2/APPC, ETO Status code, and more.

Transaction processing simulation

Utilize simulated transaction processing in batch mode and generate listings containing screen images of transactions including data, user identification information and timestamp through an audit report program.

IMS application testing

Run and test IMS applications from a development environment with the Eclipse interface. You can use common Eclipse wizards to set up runtime parameters and application libraries to run IMS Batch Terminal Simulator.

Transparent testing

Process multiple transactions in one step with no changes required to IMS code, control blocks, libraries, or application load modules. Flexible application test periods make application program testing easier to schedule and perform in a more stable online system in both test and production environments.

Integrated application testing

Leverage integration with IBM Debug Tool for z/OS and Rational® Developer for System z® to provide an integrated application testing and debugging environment.

Technical details

Software requirements

MS Batch Terminal Simulator requires a current version of IMS Database Manager. Conditional operational requirements include:

  • TSO/E for full screen image support (FSS) of the IBM 3270 display system simulation
  • Tools Base Distributed Access Infrastructure z/OS V1.3 or later for Eclipse and resource adapter
  • Rational Developer for z/OS 8.0.1 and prerequisites or Eclipse 3.6.2 or later with Web Tools plugin
  • WebSphere® Application Server V7 and Batch Terminal Simulator Eclipse interface for resource adapter
  • IBM DFSORT or a functionally equivalent sort and merge program required for the Playback utility

Hardware requirements

IMS Batch Terminal Simulator operates on any hardware configuration that supports the required versions of IMS.

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