IBM Host Access Transformation Services details

Transform your applications

Transform all screens of an app with HATS default rendering. HATS changes terminal app components like function keys and menu items into intuitive links, buttons, or text with images. You can enable more change with screen customizations. Use editing tools to transform the text-based user interface with HATS widgets like drop-downs, calendars, tables and radio buttons. Employ global rules and text replacement for specific changes across an entire app, specific components, or a specific screen.

Create web services

Create standard web services and JavaBeans™ to enable flexible reuse of terminal application business logic in new business processes and applications. You can create screen flows, define inputs and outputs with a wizard-based macro recorder and customize further with Visual Macro Editor. Get support for standard JAX-WS SOAP, JAX-RPC and JAX-RS RESTful web services as well as for 3270, 5250, and VT terminal applications.

Increase productivity

Increase end user productivity and simplify screen navigation with macros and screen combinations. You can reduce data entry errors by using HATS global variables to store data, prefill drop-downs or popups, and input information on behalf of the end user. You can also customize access for a specific set of users (for example, internet self-help).

Choose your deployment and access

Create standard web apps for deployment to WebSphere® Application Server, WebSphere Liberty Profile, IBM Cloud server, Geronimo and WebLogic. You can create JSR 286 and JSR 168 portlets with the HATS toolkit. These portlets offer a unified user experience through a customized portal. Mobile browser support gives your users access to mission critical data as they need it for improved customer service and time savings.

Technical details

Software requirements

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Hardware requirements

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