IBM WebSphere Liberty announces InstantOn for cloud-native Java


What is IBM WebSphere Liberty?

IBM WebSphere Liberty is a next-generation application runtime that accelerates the delivery of cloud-native applications, allowing your team to rapidly deliver differentiating innovation. Whether you're running microservices in a serverless environment or a traditional always on application, Liberty requires less infrastructure, saving costs, and provides the flexibility your organization needs to deploy on any cloud in a trusted, secure and open environment. Liberty empowers your development and platform engineering teams to continuously deliver code that meets and exceeds your customers' expectations.  Adopt Liberty today and experience up to a 99% reduction in time to deploy code.

Cloud Native Apps for Java

Cloud Native Apps for Java (06:48)


Explore how Liberty innovation can benefit your organization

Accelerate app start-up

Faster application start-up time using Liberty InstantOn versus without InstantOn

Reduce code deployment time

Decreased time to code deployment for Blue Cross Blue Shield

Reduce app modernization and migration efforts

Reduced full deployment cycle for FlowFactor

Use cases

Cloud-native development

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Cloud-native development

Take advantage of rapid developer experience, no Java development constraints and optimized deployment options in the cloud of your choice.

Cloud agility

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Cloud agility

Avoid vendor lock-in by implementing technology that embraces cloud agility. Liberty is built specifically for agile, vendor neutral, cloud-native applications.

Operational efficiency without compromise

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Operational efficiency without compromise

Optimize cloud performance by taking full advantage of your Java stack. Liberty InstantOn will enable your apps to start and respond in less than a few hundred milliseconds.

Customer success stories

BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross optimizes computing resources and gives developers more flexibility and efficiency as a result of migrating to a modern WebSphere Liberty-based infrastructure.


FlowFactor helped a transport provider modernize apps and cut deployment times more than 99% with WebSphere Liberty.


WebSphere Liberty helped Hera convert a monolithic application to a flexible microservice architecture.