What weather dashboard visualization can do for your business

Weather dashboard visualization provides weather visualizations for nearly all your locations in a single, user-friendly platform. See severe weather headed to some locations? Quickly deliver real-time guidance to leadership and a prioritized action list for personnel. Awareness of weather forecasts and patterns in advance can also open windows to new or additional business.

EIS: Dashboards and Alerting

EIS: Dashboards and Alerting (00:24)


Enhance weather visibility

See current weather conditions and drill down to individual locations that may require action or focused staff attention.

Improve response times

Determine quickly the safety actions to employ in specific locations in response to severe weather.

Optimize weather-driven opportunities

Know the weather outlook in advance to take advantage of business opportunities for increased sales of products or services.

Use cases


Windspeed graph chart


Monitor weather metrics and current conditions that specifically disrupt operations at user-defined locations.


Edit wind gust speed panel dashboard


Set your own threshold triggers and custom call-to-action messages to consistently mobilize teams when necessary.


Dashboard alerts summary window


Summarize weather conditions at all locations and prioritize your actions based on alert status.

Alert Console

Benefits of Alert Console

Increase revenue

According to Gallup Business Journal, fully engaged customers deliver a 23% premium in share of wallet, profitability and revenue.

Create lifetime customers

Weather alerts through web pages, social media and other meaningful touchpoints creates trust and brand loyalty, boosting customer retention.

Transform insight into opportunity

Weather dashboard reports show the impact of your alerts so you can create a strategy that makes future touchpoints increasingly valuable to customers.

Protect field workers and equipment

Keep your workers on the front line safer by notifying them of weather condition hazards in advance.

Reduce the cost of manual communications

Having a standardized, timely and automated warning system makes field workers aware of impending weather while cutting costs and reducing downtime.

Improve efficiency over time

Weather dashboard reports show the details and results of your alerts to field workers so you can fine-tune your system and increase efficiency with each weather danger.


Hyperlocal, accurate alerts

Alerts are based on the most accurate national weather service data which is updated every 15 minutes and provides 100 times greater coverage than public data.

Customizable alert messages

Set alert triggers based on day forecasts, specific weather events and levels of severity to be sent by email, SMS or through your existing messaging system.

Measurable impact

The weather dashboard shows who was alerted, where, what kind of alert they received, and when it was sent.

Quick and easy deployment

Cloud-based weather alerts are fast, easy and self-service. Weather alerts do not require specialized hardware, software or IT support.

Alerts in action


Alert type configuration menu


Configure targeted, timely and relevant messaging based on current and comprehensive weather history.


Templates dashboard


Use templates and tutorials to streamline alert emails.

Gain insights

Weather event report

Gain insights

Get started generating weather alerts in minutes, with the ability to gain insights from sent alerts.


Create an asset dashboard in Weather alerts


Create custom integrations exposing weather alerts with a robust API.