Aviation weather forecasting
Real-time aviation weather data and detailed area forecasts from the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite help inform flight planning, increase operational efficiency and improve passenger safety
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Stay alert and in the air  

Successful air travel operations require constant awareness of fleet positions and an overall understanding of weather's impact on flight operations, which in turn requires up-to-date weather information on current conditions and accurate forecasting of significant weather events.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite helps airlines improve operations with on-ground, pre-flight and enroute weather data, tracking and decision support, backed by over 40 years of aviation weather forecasting expertise.

What you can do
Monitor and manage flight progress 

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite brings together global weather data, aviation weather forecasts, weather reports, airspace programs and enroute flight tracking into a unified view with powerful and configurable alerting, to help streamline dispatcher workflows.  

Avoid weather hazards en route 

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite solution alerts the pilot and flight crew to potential weather hazards such as thunderstorms, precipitation, dew point. Flight services include airspace notifications along the flight path, enabling situational awareness and better decision-making from takeoff through landing.   

Plan ahead and improve response times 

Probabilistic aviation weather forecasting with a 7-day risk outlook allows the flight team to track current and future weather conditions and respond to possible disruption events, improving business continuity and operations safety. 

Case studies Mercados EMI

Mercados EMI uses IBM weather data to help India predict electricity demand and reduce power outages.

Texas A&M AgriLife  

IBM and Texas A&M AgriLife are working together to help farmers receive insights for water usage, which can increase crop yield and decrease economic and environmental costs. 

Plan21 Foundation 

Plan21 and IBM improve global food security by helping smallholder farmers in Latin America manage crops more sustainably and productively. 

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