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Weather APIs deliver data-driven insights

You can't control the weather, but with the right data, you can make better decisions.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite gives you access to a rich set of weather data sources with current weather conditions, daily forecasts, accurate hourly forecasts, real-time alerts and historical weather data. With an API key, you can make weather data API calls by using open API standards and integrate it into your applications and your business processes to make actionable, data-driven decisions.

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Built on the most accurate weather data in the world

In its latest comprehensive report of forecast accuracy, ForecastWatch named IBM's The Weather Company the "the overall most accurate provider globally."

What you get
Current weather

On-demand current weather data collected from more than 250,000 public and personal weather stations.

Forecast data

Accurate hyperlocal weather forecast data, including frost potential, marine weather and tides.

Historical data

Detailed data from recent weeks, high-resolution gridded data from 2015, and almanac data.

Raster images

Detailed raster PNG images of high-resolution satellite imagery, with timestamps.

Lifestyle indices

Useful lifestyle data on pollen, air quality, flu outbreaks, driving difficulty, mosquito activity and more.

Aviation weather

Comprehensive aviation data, including METARs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, TAFs, TFRs and advisories.

Premium APIs

Premium APIs deliver more detailed, granular or industry-specific data sets and can be used to solve a wide variety of enterprise needs.

Carbon APIs

GHG measurements from stationary. fugitive, location-based, mobile, transportation and distribution, and market-based emissions.

Renewable energy APIs

Data that affects renewable energy production, including wind speed and direction, air density and solar irrandiance.

Severe weather APIs

Real-time weather information on tornadoes, lightning, wind shear, snow and ice, smoke and fire, and hurricanes.

Probabilistic forecast APIs

Statistical probability of a full range of different weather outcomes, to assist with weather-dependent decisions.

Seasonal and sub-seasonal APIs

Temperature and precipitation anomalies that might affect planting and harvesting, energy trading, and supply chains.

Agriculture APIs

Robust weather forecasts that include data on soil moisture, soil temperature, and crop-specific evapotranspiration.

Resources Environmental intelligence is business intelligence

Explore findings on the best ways to be proactive, avoid disruptions and stay resilient across different industries and conditions.

The increasing need for environmental intelligence solutions

According to this IDC brief, sustainability continues to grow in importance as a major business priority.

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is helping businesses plan for and respond to disruptive events to better ensure business continuity and resiliency across supply chains worldwide.

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Related features Environmental data services

Combined geospatial, GHG emissions and industry-specific data delivers accurate, actionable information about your complete environment. 

Monitoring services

Weather-decision technologies built with advanced analytics help you better predict how and when weather will affect your business.

Custom climate adaptation solutions

A modeling framework and application builder enables you to customize climate adaptation solutions that fit your business needs.

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