IBM Environmental Intelligence

Get an early glimpse at how integrating complex data sets can boost the climate resiliency of physical assets, infrastructure, and natural resources.

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IBM Environmental Intelligence is a cloud-based platform that uses exclusive and third-party geospatial, weather, and climate data.

Organizations in both the public and private sectors face growing vulnerability to climate-related operational challenges, asset damage and supply chain disruptions. Organizations underuse and poorly understand environmental data, which limits its potential as a strategic resource.

IBM Environmental Intelligence empowers organizations with curated geospatial data, fine-tuned models and AI-driven insights to address these challenges. It integrates data from multidimensional sources to deliver:

  • Geospatial data analysis that offers accurate environmental insights for better decision-making.
  • Swift disaster responses through rapid identification and reaction to climate-related incidents.
  • Adaptability with AI models tailored to specific business needs and workflows.
Introducing IBM Environmental Intelligence

IBM is proud to unveil a new platform, IBM Environmental Intelligence, designed to empower data scientists and application developers with environmental data sets.

Benefits Speed up analysis with pre-trained models

Geospatial Foundation Models that are pretrained on extensive satellite data help reduce labeling time with self-supervised learning and deliver precise environmental analysis.

Extract actionable insights from complex data

Curated and scalable Geospatial data sets allow better decision-making and optimized workflows for actionable environmental insights.

Simplify data preparation and integration

A catalogued data library used to derive insights that fit your business needs.


Access and leverage environmental and geospatial data to propel your business projects forward with APIs that help your developers seamlessly analyze wildfire risk, optimize energy usage, assess carbon footprint, and more. 


Environmental insights platform

Use extensive geospatial-temporal query and analytics services to streamline processes and easily access valuable insights.

Historical weather on demand

Gain historical weather context with APIs that provide gridded currents, agriculture, energy, and summarized forecast data to predict future business outcomes.

Complex Data Querying

Extract data at flexible spatial and temporal resolutions by using public or commercial data sets to analyze wildfire risk, surface imagery, land elevation and atmospheric reflections.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Use the Carbon Performance Engine's GHG Emissions APIs to calculate internal and supply chain emissions, which provides a comprehensive view of your carbon footprint.

Above-ground Biomass estimation

Calculate above-ground biomass in various forested areas by using APIs to assess the impact of deforestation on carbon sequestration and compare with historical data.

Use cases Utilities

Electric utilities can predict disruptions with weather data to optimize maintenance and crew schedules, minimize downtime and improve client satisfaction.


Food companies can use carbon footprint data to monitor supply chains, help ensure quality control and meet sustainability goals to satisfy consumer demand.


Governments can advise the public during disasters and pandemics by using health and weather data to understand disease spread and climate risks.


Agronomists rely on crop health and weather insights to help producers make informed decisions and minimize climate impacts on yields.

Financial services

Lenders can improve credit risk scoring and insurers can alert policyholders of risks by using predictive analytics to reduce losses and boost efficiency.

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