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Safeguard data with future-proof cyber resilience and air-gapped isolation
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The IBM Enterpise Tape Drive family improves security and provides a cost-effective long-term data retention infrastructure.

Addressing the challenges of secure, scalable and cost-effective data storage that can handle the ever-growing volumes of data and offer quick retrieval can be overwhelming. However, these challenges can be overcome with the IBM Enterpise Tape Drive family which provides secure, high-capacity storage, meeting both the scalability and security concerns as your data needs continue to grow.

Available with interfaces like FC-16 and SAS-12, IBM Enterprise Tape Drives help you protect your investment in tape infrastructure with easy integration with existing automation; or also available in rack-mounted stand alone installation. It also supports the LTFS format in IBM Storage Archive enabling direct, intuitive and graphical access to data. 

By providing secure data encryption at rest, it maintains data confidentiality and protection against unauthorized access, helping you meet stringent compliance requirements and build trust with your customers.

See IBM TS4500 Tape Library Demo

Explore the animated demo to discover the technology of expanded capacities of IBM TS4500 Tape Library.

Benefits Protect existing investment

Improve performance with 12Gb SAS and 16Gb FC interfaces, while maintaining compatibility with existing IBM tape automation installations. This way, you can protect your existing investment.

Improve tape operations performance

Execute faster data transfer of up to 400 MBps (up to 900 MBps compressed) with two 12 Gb/sec SAS ports or two 16 Gb/sec FC ports.

Enable reliable and cost-efficient connectivity

Achieve great performance, and reliability than other formats, providing a lower TCO. IBM Enterprise Tape Drives are recognized as a state-of-the-art in tape technology.

Get robust data protection

Maintain the security of your sensitive corporate data by implementing a reliable and solid line of defense.

Data earch efficency with RAO

RAO (Recommended Access Order) enables tape control applications to accelerate the retrieval of data from a single tape.

Generations IBM Enterprise Tape Drives, air-gap with increased capacity IBM TS1160 tape drive

Offers 20 TB (JE), 15 TB (JD) maximum format capacity (native). Other format capacities (native) are 10 TB (JD), 7 TB (JC). Provides 400 MB/s native data rate drive performance. Includes FC-16 Gb, ethernet 10 Gb, or SAS 12 Gb interface attachment and back-end attachments for Virtual Tape environments.

Read TS1160 Tape Drive Data Sheet
IBM TS1170 tape drive

Offers 50TB (JF) maximum format capacity. Provides 400MB/s native data rate drive performance. Includes FC-16 GB or SAS 12 GB interface attachement.

Read TS1170 Tape Drive Data Sheet

Explore features and use cases for the most common flash storage products.

TS 1100/ 3592

Enterprise Open Tape Format

TS 1150

  • 10 TB
  • 360 MBpS
  • Downward R2x/W1x compatible
  • WORM and Encryption
  • LTFS

Under service and upgrade only

TS 1160

  • 20 TB
  • 400 MBpS
  • Downward R1x/W1x
  • Compatible
  • WORM and Encryption
  • LTFS

TS 1170

  • 50 TB
  • 400 MBpS
  • Capacity Format only
  • Encryption
  • LTFS

LTO Tape

Industry Interoperable Tape Format


  • 6 TB
  • Up to 300 MBpS
  • Downward R1x/W1x
  • Compatible
  • WORM and Encryption
  • LTFS


  •  12 TB
  • Up to 360 MBpS
  • Downward R1x/W1x
  • Compatible
  • WORM and Encryption
  • LTFS


  •  18 TB
  • Up to 400 MBpS
  • Downward R1x/W1x
  • Compatible
  • WORM and Encryption
  • LTFS
Resources ISV Matrix for IBM TotalStorage 3592 tape drives

Independent Software Vendor Matrix (ISV) for IBM TotalStorage 3592 tape drives and LTO

Operating Support Systems

Visit the IBM System Storage Interoperation Center to see the possibilities the IBM TS4500 Tape Library can offer you

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