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IBM® ELM for Financial Services Sector

Deliver products at market speed while accelerating compliance readiness.

Whether your business is banking, insurance or capital markets, IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) accelerates product delivery to support regulatory readiness and aids in controlling soaring compliance and regulatory costs. ELM is a holistic, end-to-end software engineering management environment that provides full transparency and traceability across development and product delivery processes. Real-time dashboards and customizable reports provide “delivery intelligence” into the actual status of development and delivery thereby ensuring that the entire organization has an accurate view of project status and readiness for launching new offerings and products.

IBM Engineering benefits for Financial Services Sector

Tame complexity to improve quality

Manage requirement hierarchies and the impact of changes across the development team.

Increase development effectiveness

Increase productivity by reusing software components across multiple applications. Reduce time and cost, increase quality and facilitate a shift from project to product delivery.

Streamline compliance to increase confidence

Integrate compliance requirements into development processes. Manage compliance activities, change management, impact analysis and evidence across standards like Basel, IFRS, MFID and NY-DFS Rule 500.

Adopt agility to improve communications

Adopt agile methods across development teams. Manage programs and projects following SAFe, lean or agile practices to support the process that best fits your organization.

Increase teamwork with seamless collaboration

Enable visibility, collaboration and alignment across departments and stakeholders.

Improve processes and make better decisions

Provide visibility and traceability across the development teams. Ensure all stakeholders have current data through customizable dashboard and reports.

Optimizing requirements management in financial services

Intact Financial is Canada’s largest private-sector provider of property and casualty insurance. Its 12,000 people work to insure more than 5 million individuals and businesses across the Canadian provinces, administering almost CAD 8.0 billion in premiums. Intact deployed IBM ELM software to facilitate more effective requirements management throughout the application development lifecycle, helping improve quality control, reporting and traceability. As a result, Intact reduced the cost and time required to release new, quality applications.

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