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Simplify and automate invoicing processes to meet tax regulations for multiple countries
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Government regulations and e-Invoicing made simple
Comply with global eInvoicing regulations

Compliance regulations for electronic trade, audit and taxes are always changing, with different rules for each country. You need multiple providers with various skill sets. How are you expected to keep track?

IBM® Sterling eInvoicing helps companies simplify and automate electronic trade and invoicing processes to meet tax regulations for multiple countries through a single business network. 

Automate business processes and tax compliance, using global integration standards to support buyer and supplier compliance in a single solution while maintaining conformity with evolving tax regulations. Get greater security and verification with required digital signatures, archiving and tax authority clearance. 

Key value of IBM Sterling eInvoicing
Automate electronic invoice transactions

Streamline and automate electronic invoicing to help ensure compliance with evolving, country-specific tax and audit regulations for both the buyer and supplier.

Consolidate eInvoicing compliance solutions

Simplify compliance management for multi-country electronic invoicing into a single solution. Achieve consistency across services and support. Gain insights across global invoicing through single view.

Key benefits
  • Streamline processes to help ensure compliance
  • Avoid penalties, fines and legal actions
  • Single solution, single dashboard
  • Reduce risk, cost and complexity
  • Synergy across support contracts and service-level agreements
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Help eliminate compliance errors
Features of IBM Sterling eInvoicing
Secure signing and validation services

Guarantee the authenticity and integrity of electronic invoices in accordance with tax legislation.

Regulatory monitoring

Through a network of local law firm and tax authority relationships constantly updates signing and validation services to ensure compliance.

Archive capabilities

Accelerate the audit process, making it simpler for both companies and their tax authorities.

Process automation

The invoice process through receipt/issuance, processing, archiving and audit reduces the costs and data-errors associated with manual, paper-based processes.

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