What is IBM Db2 Big SQL?

IBM Db2® Big SQL is an enterprise-grade, hybrid ANSI-compliant SQL-on-Hadoop engine, delivering massively parallel processing (MPP) and advanced data query. Db2 Big SQL offers a single database connection or query for disparate sources such as HDFS, RDMS, NoSQL databases, object stores and WebHDFS. Benefit from low latency, high performance, security, SQL compatibility and federation capabilities to do ad hoc and complex queries.

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Product benefits

Access, query and analyze data across data warehouse and Hadoop

Understands commonly used ANSI SQL syntax to support batch and real-time data.

Scale with hybrid cloud-ready flexibility

Shift workloads within public and private cloud and on-premises environments based on your application requirements.

Drive real-time analytics with Apache Spark integration

Concurrently exploit Hive, Hbase and Spark, using a single database connection — even a single query.

Connect your data scientists to their data

Use IBM Watson® Studio and existing Jupyter Notebooks to federate to RDRMS and to Oracle, Db2 and IBM Netezza®.

Access data where it resides

IBM federates data natively with the Db2 product family, including the Db2 AI database. When all data cannot be moved into your Hadoop system, Db2 Big SQL can federate the data across the enterprise.

Improve query performance

Run all 99 TPC-DS queries up to 100 TB with numerous concurrent users. Db2 Big SQL supports multiple workers per node for efficient CPU and memory utilization.

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