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See how DataStage for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data delivers elastic scaling that automatically distributes workloads.

Introducing DataStage SaaS Anywhere

Build a trusted data pipeline with a modernized ETL tool on an AI-powered platform, anywhere.


Watch how to start building a trusted data foundation for your AI implementations with DataStage and IBM™

Documentation and tutorials Perform advanced ETL operations with DataStage

Learn how to perform ETL operations on data stored in IBM Netezza® Performance Server.

Use IBM Db2® native connectivity in IBM DataStage SaaS

Learn how to use IBM Db2 native connectivity in DataStage as a Service.

Create parallel jobs

Learn about the tasks involved with creating parallel jobs.

Docs DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service IBM DataStage® for IBM Cloud Pak for Data (on-premises, or any cloud) IBM InfoSphere® DataStage
Resources about the benefits Performance benefits of IBM DataStage

Read how workload balancing executes up to 30% faster with DataStage for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Deploy an automated data integration

Explore the benefits of using containers for your data integration tool and deploying DataStage for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Top 5 reasons to modernize your data integration

See the top 5 reasons you should modernize your data integration on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Data Integration: The vital baking ingredient in your AI strategy

Learn why data integration is critical to your AI strategy.


See how the product works with existing DataStage jobs and how to manage and create new jobs.

Learn the basics of building and running DataStage ETL jobs and how to track the flow of data lineage.

See how to update cloud-based data repositories and data lakes in real time.

Learn about offloading your enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to a data lake.

Explore the machine learning features of DataStage Flow Designer.

Additional resources DataOps interactive guide

Learn how DataOps can help organizations deliver value through a business-ready data pipeline.

Governed data lake for business insights

Discover how a governed data lake can deliver business insights with trusted data.

See how DataStage cuts costs of EDWs by offloading certain data and ETL processing into Hadoop clusters.

Top questions about modernizing DataStage to Cloud Pak for Data answered

See answers to common questions about modernizing DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

DataStage SaaS launch 

Learn more about the general availability of IBM DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.

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