What it can do for your business

Cognos Integration Server enables you to source specialized cube data across financial, sales and operational applications from a variety of sources. The solution extracts application content including data and metadata and moves the information into Cognos TM1, IBM Planning Analytics or performance management applications. It makes data extractions easier to build and maintain for continuous planning and reporting cycles.
Screenshot showing IBM Cognos Integration Server dashboard

Accelerates data extraction

Reduces data extraction time from days or hours to minutes, and streamlines the process of dynamically generating target schemas for data warehousing.

Bridges IT and finance needs

Provides IT with access to data in an open and standard format, while finance users can leverage the information that suits their business requirements.

Provides full availability

Can perform extractions on a continuous basis to update external reporting applications or for backup.

Key Features

  • Flexible data extraction
  • Single reporting support
  • “Ragged” hierarchies
  • Bridges IT and Finance

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