IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded

IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded is an API-based solution that lets developers easily add end-to-end data visualization capabilities to their applications.

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Embed data visualizations directly into your applications
IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded gives developers a way to embed an intuitive, drag-and-drop visualization tool, providing end users the ability to explore data and create visualizations that answer the unique questions important to your business.
Benefits Embed data visualizations

Easily integrate a dynamic analytics workflow directly into your offering.

Leverage JavaScript APIs

IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded utilizes JavaScript APIs to allow developers to quickly and efficiently embed visualizations into their application.

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IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded is now available in the IBM Cloud Catalog. You can sign up for a free trial and get started today.

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This product is available on IBM Cloud, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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