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Reduces complex coding and provides data automation source control, lifecycle management and audit trails for improved automation compliance.

What it can do for your business

IBM Cognos Command Center provides self-service process automation. Through a single interface, it enables you to view and run automated processes on an ad hoc basis, and diagnose and address issues much more quickly. The solution reduces the complexity of working in diverse software environments and brings you greater simplicity and control, so you can focus on what matters most — your business.

Central control and compliance

Increase control and visibility by proactively sharing status reports and detailed audit trails with administrators and users.

Self-service automation

Reduce the cost of ongoing support and application maintenance by allowing business users to run processes on their own.

Support for cloud applications

Integrate your application processes regardless of whether the applications reside on-premise or in the cloud.

Feature spotlights
User friendly interface

Run processes from web-enabled devices and respond to near real-time alerts and information without calling on IT.

Workflow orchestration

Reduces manual intervention and wait times with a user-friendly interface, which enables you to sequence advanced task flows across multiple computing environments and applications.

Lifecycle management

Provides lifecycle management for automated processes between development, test and production environments.

Less custom coding

Use predefined libraries of functions that extend product capabilities to a variety of applications.

Audits and log monitoring

Provides source control and audit trails between development, test and production environments, and helps eliminate unencrypted and hardcoded passwords.

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