What can Enterprise COBOL do for your business

Maximize the utilization of your z/Architecture® with the IBM® Enterprise COBOL for z/OS® compiler. COBOL applications may not automatically run faster after they are moved to new IBM Z hardware. To maximize your IBM Z hardware ROI and improve the performance of your business critical applications, stay current with the latest Enterprise COBOL for z/OS compiler and IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS (sold separately) and selectively optimize CPU-intensive parts of the applications.

In addition, Enterprise COBOL helps your existing COBOL applications work with modern infrastructure technologies with native support for JSON, XML, and Java®.


Optimize performance

Reduces CPU utilization and operating costs by utilizing the COBOL compiler's leading edge optimization technology and ability to exploit the latest IBM Z® hardware and middleware.

Improve productivity

Improves productivity by leveraging new usability features to simplify programming techniques, problem determination, and support tools supplied by IBM and other ISVs.

Modernize your applications

Modernizes your applications with features that have been extended to support web, cloud, and mobile infrastructures.

Compatible with earlier COBOL compilers

Compatible with earlier COBOL compilers with no need to recompile an entire application to use features from the latest release.

Enterprise COBOL and Automatic Binary Optimizer (ABO) team up

Use the latest version of Enterprise COBOL for new development, modernization and maintenance. Use ABO (sold separately) to improve the performance of the COBOL modules without a recompilation plan.

IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS features

  • Fully exploit z/Architecture
  • Use Enterprise COBOL and Automatic Binary Optimizer together
  • Continuous delivery of enhancements
  • Improve productivity
  • Easy migration
  • Modernize applications
  • COBOL Report Writer support

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS Migration Portal

If you are migrating from Enterprise COBOL 4 or earlier versions to COBOL 6, you can visit the COBOL Migration Portal, which is a centralized place of all the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS migration-related information.

The one-stop portal provides detailed information, including case studies, COBOL experts interview videos, the cloud-based COBOL Migration Assistant, COBOL Migration and Performance Tuning Webinars, FAQs, other IBM products to support your migration, and many other resources, which help ease your migration efforts from COBOL 4 or earlier to COBOL 6 compiler.

Describes COBOL migration assistant


Which option is right for you?

No-charge 90-day Trial

A no-charge, fully-functional product for developers and allows for non-production use within 90 days.

Monthly License Charge Edition

A licensed, fully-functional product for enterprise clients' production use with world-class IBM support.

Value Unit Edition

A licensed, fully-functional product for enterprise clients' production use with world-class IBM support.